Victoria And Abdul.

My friend and I were the only two viewers and so the multiplex decided to show Victoria and Abdul to us in their Gold Class theater which gave us reclining chairs and a smaller auditorium but also charged three times the normal price. Having gone all that far sacrificing our siestas, we decided to see it any way.

I am glad that we did. I shall come to the rating part of it later but Judi Dench does not disappoint. I had never Ali Fazal before and I was impressed with his performance as well.

The story is very human and touching but weak for all that. A highly unlikely one, it tries to white wash a bit of the colonial era with little success.

If at all you wish to see it, see it for the histrionics of Dench and Fazal besides some excellent photography.

I would rate it at a mere three out of five stars.

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