Victoria And Abdul.

My friend and I were the only two viewers and so the multiplex decided to show Victoria and Abdul to us in their Gold Class theater which gave us reclining chairs and a smaller auditorium but also charged three times the normal price. Having gone all that far sacrificing our siestas, we decided to see it any way.

I am glad that we did. I shall come to the rating part of it later but Judi Dench does not disappoint. I had never Ali Fazal before and I was impressed with his performance as well.

The story is very human and touching but weak for all that. A highly unlikely one, it tries to white wash a bit of the colonial era with little success.

If at all you wish to see it, see it for the histrionics of Dench and Fazal besides some excellent photography.

I would rate it at a mere three out of five stars.

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  1. hoping to see it soon – but knowing me, probably somehow miss it…

    know the feeling of being only 2 in a cinema – that happened with A & I this Monday morning with The Changeover (I didn’t review it, as I’m not up with the play on actors or action…)

  2. this made me remember a favorite night with my mother!
    I was only 16 and we lived in the northern part of Minnesota. there was only one theatre in the small town about 3 miles from the base. we both wanted to see a tear jerker remake of a romantic movie called ‘back street.’
    the movie was only open on wednesdays. so we had one chance to see it.
    it was snowing outside and they said it would turn into blizzard conditions later.
    mother and I were the only people in the theatre. well… other than the poor little projectionist. the ticket taker left when the movie started.
    when it ended mother and I just sat there weeping overcome with sadness!
    finally a shy young man approached us (the long suffering projectionist) and said “ladies… can we go home now?”
    now I can’t believe how crazy we were… not to mention thoughtless for him.
    i’m glad to hear this always honest review from you. I may go see it just because I love judi and for the beauty of its locations.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

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