On the 12th and the 13th, we had Deborah and Phil from Georgia USA with us and it was exhillarating catching up with them after so many years.  We were sad to see them go away and look forward to their return soon.
We had Kaush come all the way from Canada via Chennai on the 14th and that was intellectually so stimulating that I slept non stop for eight hours on Saturday night!

And finally, we had my grand nephew Rishit from Hyderabad land up on Sunday to spend the day with us and it was so nice catching up with all that has been happening to him and our family there and also in sharing so much of information that the young lad had not had access to all these years. Unfortunately, I did not take any photographs, but he is here on transfer and so I expect to see a great deal more of him in the days to come and shall indeed take some photographs to save for posterity.

Apart from these out of towners we had so many visitors coming for Diwali that it was quite tiring at times. But, that is a small price to pay once a year to share such joy.

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