In my yesterday’s post on Old Men, the story is about two old men walking the Appalachian Trail and I had included a link to another story about a walk along the Pacific Crest Trail.

Recently, there has been a lot of walking in my life some deliberate and some out of compulsion.  I also had the pleasure of receiving a friend from Uttaranchal last week.  He runs a Travel Agency that organises trekking and biking tours on Himalayan trails and his  insistence that I join him soon was so tempting that I almost succumbed and went with him on his return.

And, so I was not surprised when a cousin sent this to me as part of his message of congratulations on my resuming my walking for exercise routine again.


22 thoughts on “Walking!”

    1. Unfortunately not, but my friend, who is very understanding says that he will arrange for a jeep to slowly accompany the parties, since I refused his offer to ride a pony!

  1. I’m always astonished at how few people take any serious physical exercise. I love walking, even it’s just around the block. I walk at least 30 minutes a day, often a lot more.

    1. I exercise regularly Nick but walking as an exercise was banned for me to prevent wear and tear of a prosthesis. So, I took to Yogabhyas and am still very regular with it. My problem with COPD started some months ago and now the medical advice is to start walking again to keep the lungs working properly,

    i love that cartoon.
    i must admit… of late… i have let all exercise go.
    everything seemed to throw me into a coughing fit.
    i am feeling so much better now.
    it is time to walk again.
    and this post and you are an inspiration.
    the marine insists… ‘good health is ALL about exercise!’
    tammy j recently posted..autumn wabi sabi

  3. The cartoon reminds me of another one I had heard.

    Before you judge or criticize someone, walk a mile in their moccasins. This way they won’t hear your criticizm and you’ll have their moccasins.
    Rasheed Hooda recently posted..A New Direction

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