Wasting Time – 2.

I wrote a blog post three years ago on wasting time which was brought to my attention by a friend who commented that solving crossword puzzles is a waste of time compared to reading books. He was commenting on my yesterday’s blogpost on Frustration.

My post four years ago pointed out that we spend our life like this:

Average Life Expectancy – 75 years.
We sleep for – 22 years.
We work for – 32 years.
We are in the toilet – 2 years.
We eat for – 4.5 years.
With family etc, – 3 years.
We socialise for – 3 years.

I am now 78 and I have wasted three years more that makes it a total of three and a half years that I have wasted. I am very happy about it.

Naturally, this post is dedicated to the friend who took me back three years in time.

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