Wasting Time.

Friend, writer, Management Guru and fellow alumnus of Business School has written something very interesting in one of the articles in an anthology of his writings in various News Papers and Magazines.

Average Life Expectancy – 75 years.
We sleep for – 22 years.
We work for – 32 years.
We are in the toilet – 2 years.
We eat for – 4.5 years.
With family etc, – 3 years.
We socialise for – 3 years.

That leaves a balance of about 8.5 years, which he says is what can be classified as Time Wasted by us!

Very interesting!

I worked for a living for 40 years. That means that I have wasted only six months of my life!  I am already 75 and expect to live for a few more years.  So, may be I will catch up with the wasting part of it.

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