18 thoughts on “Wasting Time.”

  1. I got rid of mine. I thought I would miss it but I don’t.
    but they are nice in emergencies I suppose.
    last month on a weekend the marine and I went to eat breakfast at IHOP.
    every family and couple in there were on their phone texting or playing a game.
    it was fascinating. literally! no visiting taking place at all. and really all ages.
    they were like robots! we even felt rather weird.
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  2. Reading, while not really a time waster in my view, was the activity that kept us occupied in the past. Television was a time waster, and still is. Today, it seems to be the smartphone, although for some of us with vision issues, the computer is easier. And what did they do in centuries past? For most people, leisure time was scarce, and for those who had money and servants, making social calls, reading, and walking the winding, traffic free country roads kept them occupied. Sounds like a good life!
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    1. I can’t for the world of it remember wasting time pre cellphone time, like I agree I do on my cell phone now. It is not only I but the whole lot of contacts who keep sending me messages!

    1. I am blessed with enough discipline not to be at it all the time. I spend a few minutes every hour or so to check for messages and that is that. I catch up with my mail etc when I have my afternoon sessions at the computer. In any case, I don’t remember wasting time in the past at all though the whatsapp etc I think can be classified as wasting time.

  3. I’ve got one as well, originally when they were just phone/text – it was for emergencies when out and about – now more but not all the “time” still prefer the actual computer…don’t have TV which bugs a lot of people but I love just watching things online or tv-on demand (later).

    what I did before, have no idea…but then again “before” was a different kind of life because there was a SO!

    on computer earlier today, because I needed to find a phone number…we no longer get a home phone paper directory, just yellow pages…

    1. I haven’t seen a telephone directory or yellow pages in years! I don’t even refer to the old hand written address books as the information is now available in one’s hands all the time!

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