Water Problems.

My blogger friend Bunc returned to my blog when I posted The Most Dangerous Issue In The World Today? 2 on 1# 8.

He left the following comment there.
“I agree with you Rum. With a warming world and a yet rising population this will become a major issue for some populations – more so even than at present. I made a plea once in a post for us to think of those who struggle to find water and this brought it back to mind. I doubt you would remember it.
I revisited his post and recommend that my readers do too.

10 thoughts on “Water Problems.”

  1. ” Touching and beautiful Bunc.
    One thing I can vouch for Bunc, is that Scotland is ‘wet’. I have had some of my wettest times there. ” ~ Rummy
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this whole treatise on water by you and Shackman and Bunc.
    the closest I have come to realizing its importance in my life was almost two years ago. dehydration so critical as to be impairing my major organs and my brain and speech function. 4 days in ICU and 5 units of necessary IV solutions to get the electrolytes back enough that I could go home.
    I’ve never felt worse in my life! and all because of not drinking enough water. the people Bunc talks of who struggle with it on a daily basis. . . I cannot even imagine their plight. it would be horrible. horrible. not a strong enough word.
    tammy j recently posted..a place for going to

  2. Thank you for sharing. Very well written and something important to ponder. As an aside, your blog also helped me realize Tammy is blogging again. I had multiple opportunities from this blog.

  3. One of the issues with water that doesn’t get much attention is the colossal amounts of water used in manufacturing industry – for example the production of cars, clothing and paper. If that water consumption could be reduced, it would make quite a difference.

  4. Thank you very much for linking to my old post Rum and for the positive comments. I feel very strongly about the damage we are doing to our environment and water issues are I think going to be one of the worst problems people face.

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