Wazir, The Movie.


I had to settle a bet by taking two of my friends to lunch out yesterday and was looking forward to some rest and peace today to catch up with my routine. It was not to be as my persistent friend Ramesh decided that we must watch Wazir before it got removed from all theaters tomorrow. So, with much reluctance I accompanied him and am, in retrospect, glad that I did.

It is a pity that it is not doing very well at the box office but how does one measure the taste of our movie going public? At the theater on cross checking, I was told that today would indeed be the last screening of the film as collections have been very disappointing.

The link to the film given in the first paragraph will take you to Wikipedia which gives a detailed review of the film but let me just add my two bits. The entire story revolves around two characters portrayed with remarkable aplomb by Amitabh Bachchan and Farhan Akhtar. All the other actors are simply cameo roles and the action scenes rather short and effective. But these two actors do a remarkable job of carrying the entire story on their shoulders and the very effective direction and editing has ensured that the film does not run for more than 104 minutes. One of the shortest films that I have recently seen and that alone makes me give it an additional star to the three that I had originally planned for it, to make it a 4/5.

If you can catch it, please do not miss it.

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