We Are Getting Dumber!

I am not being facetious. I quote “……….it could be argued that humanity is on course to become collectively less smart.

I personally have been feeling that I am less smart than most of the people that I either meet personally or react with online like in Facebook, WhatsApp, the blog world etc. I was under the impression that the reason for this could be that I am now a has been whereas most of the people that I meet are younger, some young enough to be my grand children.

I am however relieved that it is not due to my being an old reprobate that I feel less smart. This article clearly states that the reason lies elsewhere.

What do you think?

18 thoughts on “We Are Getting Dumber!”

  1. From the first picture of the article, it is clear that the authors are uneducated. The approach to learning and education of Islam is completely different from Christianity, while here in the US, the Christians are force-educated under an Atheist government school system that deliberately teaches the children not to think. The picture is a lot more complex than the wildly simplistic claim of the authors.
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    1. As you would have probably guessed, I don’t subscribe to the views of the authors of the article. I simply posted it for a lark. I agree with you that it is a very complex subject and you simply cannot generalize like that.

  2. I have to be honest here- I never considered there’d be a difference between atheists and religious folk. I always considered religious folk similar to those who love military life – there are far fewer decisions to be made as they are such disciplined lifestyles. And we know there have been some brilliant minds associated with the military. I’d be more interested in the specifics of why religious are supposedly less intelligent – why logical thought processes are hampered, etc.. Of course occasionally I hear some nonsense uttered by some bastion of religious thought like Pat Robertson and I think intelligent thought has left the building – see for yourself https://www.cnn.com/2013/07/09/us/pat-robertson-facebook-remark/index.html

  3. I’ve met plenty of amazingly dumb people who aren’t religious, so I don’t think that can be the whole story. I always feel not-so-smart myself, and I’m always meeting people who seem twice as smart as me, but then other people assure me I’m intelligent so it’s clearly just my self-doubt at work.
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  4. oh good grief.
    I have a feeling that people like Pat Robertson must be a ‘closet something.’
    like the old Willy Shakespeare quote “me thinks he doth protest too much!”
    I cannot speak for my intelligence. I still am not sure how modern plumbing works. meaning “I don’t know s**t!
    oh. sorry.
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  5. Interesting. I threw it on FB just to see what happens as I live in a place of ultra-Catholicism.

    I find the concept of “God will take care of us all” a huge impediment to any kind of critical thinking – a complete forgoing of logic and science, a whole catastrophe of “thy will be done” or similar. It will be the doom of humankind.

    And look see? I never got into the damage religiosity did to my own family.

    You know me, Ramana, no time for any of it. Maybe a wee bit of Buddhism in me tho 🙂

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