We Have Moved.

My readers are well aware of how much synchronicity plays a part in my life. It should therefore not come as a surprise to them to read this post about another remarkable event.

On Friday last, I had written a post What Did You Gain Or Lose By Taking A Risk?. In that I had written about leaving a long held position, to shift to Pune in 1990 to a new employer and a new life.

After we had moved cities, bought our new home and settled down, we had sent a folding card to all our friends and family giving our new address.

On Sunday, that is yesterday, the son in law of a dear but departed friend of mine sent me a WhatsApp message that, on going through my late friend’s papers,  he had found that card. This young man does not read my blog posts and so could not have known about my having written about the move.

The first image here shows the main message that appeared on the first page.  Please click on the images for larger resolution.

The inside page showed an interesting message and our new address. I have cropped the address for safety reasons.

Unfortunately, the photographs taken by the young man are not very clear and by the time I had asked for fresh photographs, he had disposed off the card. This is therefore the best that I could get out of the images received in WhatsApp.

Yes, the poignant message “…and we are broke!” brought back a lot of memories. We had put all our savings and also had borrowed heavily to buy and furnish the new home and we were totally broke.  We  had to start our lives more or less all over again. It has been an eventful life since then and, in retrospect, I have no regrets despite having lost my partner who stood by me then and stayed with me during the rebuilding exercise for another two decades.

6 thoughts on “We Have Moved.”

  1. Really nice post. This is very touching! And something that I am experiencing…I wondered if everybody has to go through such experiences in their lives…I guess yes. Hearing, reading about such stories makes one feel that we are not alone, or destiny has not been extra cruel to us…and that helps to cope up with the situation and hope that things will get better. I am an ever optimistic person.
    ekoshapu recently posted..Chat with R. Gopalakrishnan

    1. I am glad that the post has resonated with you and has made you appreiciate that these are normal experiences. I am delighted that you are an ever optimistic person and that in my opinion, is the best way to be. All the best in your own endeavours.

  2. I always have remembered a post that said you and Urmeela planted many trees at the new house.
    and since then I’ve noticed truly huge and BEAUTIFUL shade trees along your home! and to think they’re there because of you and Urmeela. it makes me smile.
    a favorite of mine is watching little Chutki run up and down the street loving and splashing in every single puddle!!! I enjoyed hearing Manjiree call to her and she would come running back right into another puddle! LOL.
    I hope your cold is gone. COPD doesn’t make it any fun at all. only possibly adding a resonance to a great voice! get well soon dear Sean. xoxo

    1. One of those trees, directly opposite to our home is dead but the stump still stands there as a reminder of its past. All the others have flourished and now in the monsoon are laden with rain drops and lush. I enjoy seeing them in that condition. Chutki and now Koko are both great splashers and this monsoon too has been full of such incidents for them as well as Manjiree and Ranjan. Yes, the cold finally left and I am back to normal if somewhat debilitated. A couple of days more should see me back to full normalcy. Thank you.

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