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  1. It’s the way of the world though isn’t it Ramana? We just don’t learn from history. Or science. Water shortages are looming, masks will be permanent, warming/climate is upon us, species are struggling to survive.
    This beautiful mistreated planet.

  2. Indeed, all the responses to the present-day virus are uncannily similar to those at the time of the bubonic plague of 1665, as he notes. The same mistakes, the same delusions. But there are differences. We’ve learnt how to develop effective vaccines over a very short time-period and there’s a lot of financial help for people who’ve been hit hard by the pandemic. So we’ve grown up a little bit!

  3. I read a lot of Eckhart Tolle these days.
    he feels that the Ego is man’s biggest challenge.
    it’s the part that always competes and compares and plays the same story over and over. year after year. whether in the 15th century or this one!
    and on a newer side note… I’m trusting that little Chutki was returned to you and is growing stronger and more well by the day. xo

    1. Eckhart Tolle’s philosophy is strictly Eastern and I am surprised that you are reading him. He can be difficult to follow. Chutki is back home and flourishing but, will take some more time before she is back to her old self.

  4. I like Nick’s reply

    But also it’s true what Rushdie has to say

    I think of some of the things that happened when our PM/Health boffins said we could “start to do” at Level 3 after our most severe lockdown. And that was still be cautious and only about 400,000 people nationwide would be “off to work” again, along of course with the Level 4 essential workers. Suddenly, every man and his family got into their cars and before long the roads and places of interest were a mass of roaring machines, often going much further than their local surrounds.

    I was a bit stunned, as I walked my byways – I hardly saw a soul, and there wasn’t many who would take a wide berth of me…

    Level 2 took on more aspects of people out and about, the Mall reopened and shopkeepers were there… before long along came Level 1 with a few restrictions but not much.

    Of course Auckland region has had a few lockdowns of shorter duration but on now we are on Level 1 with a few restrictions.

    And what sectors of our small economy is still struggling? I don’t know that, but there are a lot of For Lease signs on retail premises than I’ve ever seen before, including large Malls and main shopping places.

    We are quite reliant on the “tourist market” in particular those from other countries…bus tour companies, along with tourist destinations with interesting “things to do/see” … many of those operations have ceased. Yes we as locals can travel, but we are minority with a total pop 5 million….and not everyone can travel, just for the sake of.

    ME: wishing I could hop off and travel someplace, but it’s winter now! 🙂 BUT I can go and do things, like the movies yesterday and we sat next to one another, “no spacing required”
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..Went to the Movies!

    1. That the pandemic has created situations never anticipated and some countries have handled it better than others is undeniable and NZ is one that did better than most. The pandemic also caused a lot of economic hardships and it will be a while before some semblance of normalcy returns to the world.

      1. however for those caught up in the hardships (grave sadness) – there are just as many who have thrived by “changing” something within their business or if they’ve lost their jobs found another way…may not with as much security but maybe they are happier. I noted earlier last year, a guy who sold online “mens shavers” saw a gap in the market and added DIY home hair cutting tools… because of course hairdressers and barbers were not classed as “essential” services.

        1. Similar things happened here too. Apart from online opportunities, home visits by pedicurists, hair dressers etc came up as well as home cooked meals for folks earlier dependent on restaurants did exceptionally for themselves as well as provided badly needed services.

  5. We do seem to have not changed that much since The Plague in many respects which says something about humankind, doesn’t it. I think a confluence of factors have come into play in the U.S. along with the pandemic that may result in some forward steps in some areas for our nation. Time will reveal whether or not they last. Unfortunately, I will likely have departed this earth before that is known. Enjoyed reading this — thanks!

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