Friday evening

If Saturday and Sunday do not excite you, then change your friends.
If Monday does not motivate you, then change your profession.
If Monday is too exciting and you are dying to get to work, then you should
change your spouse!


6 thoughts on “Weekends.”

  1. As it happens I was born on a Monday (Monday’s child fair of face). In the evening. My poor poor mother having gone into labour on Sunday. Firsts do take their time: Shall I stay or shall I go? That’s the question. Till the issue is forced.

    For me each day of the week has its own vibe. For some reason I am particularly fond of Wednesday. I don’t know why. Middle of the week? Balance? Weekend’s merit that no one wants anything of you. Peace. And when the phone rings during the day you know it’ll be someone you actually WANT to talk to.

    Other than that, Ramana, and I don’t like it: I wake up in the morning, any old morning, and have no idea what day it is. It’s ridiculous how long it takes me to find my bearings. Even cows find their way out of the stable to the grazing ground without a map.

    Ursula recently posted..Round and round the garden

    1. Ursula, in my much envied for retired life, every day is a weekend day. It is entirely up to me to do with it what I want. For instance, this weekend, which is important for Ranjan and Manjiree, I am tossing the idea of an exotic dish to be cooked for them tomorrow. This may require my going out to shop and that is bugging me. I have become so lazy and set in my comfort zone that just the thought of going out makes me sleepy! The advantage of old age.

  2. A very successful American head honcho was asked by a journo what the reason for his success was . He pointed towards the photo of his spouse on his deck with a wry smile . The journo remarked ” Oh the usual behind every successful man.. ..” but the head honcho cut in and said “Every time I looked at that I stayed on and on in the office and did some more work ..it paid off !”

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