Weekly Gratitude List – April 28, 2012

It is a measure of the state of my mind that instead of pressing the ‘Save’ key, I pressed the ‘Publish’ key and my weekly gratitude list got posted on Wednesday night.

It was of course very gracious of my readers to have thought that I had deliberately posted it early to keep them updated on what was happening vis a vis my father’s medical problem and I am grateful for that nice communication and the good wishes that accompanied them.

I hope to resume normal weekly postings henceforth and towards that end, let me first finish this week’s post.

On Thursday, my cousin Damodar and his doctor wife Asha, drove down from Navi Mumbai and it was the nicest thing that could have happened to me and my father. After studying all the reports, my cousin in law was able to calm dowm my father quite a bit and that was a sight to see. Damodar, being form the genetic pool, showed the same impatience that I feel and I felt gratified that it was genetic rather than something wrong with me! Both of them informed me that they had had the same problems that I have, with my father’s late elder brother, Damodar’s father. So, the behaviour too could be attributed to genetic factors!

Asha had prepared some delicious dishes early in the morning to be brought for us, and Mangal had done her bit at our end and we ended up with a grand lunch. I was sad to see them leave in the afternoon.

Friday was the first truly peaceful day that I had in many days. There were minor hiccups but within manageable limits. I went to the park and had a long sit with my friends and laughed a lot and shared many a story. It was noticed by my friends that I was back to normal too.

I hope that the future will be as peaceful as the last two days of the week.

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