Weekly Gratitude List – April 28, 2012

I was able to get an appointment with the nephrologist on Saturday itself and he wanted some more tests done and though we had to spend over five and a half hours at the hospital, we were able to get all of them done under one roof. The reports will be ready on Monday and the nephrologist will see us also on Monday evening. My father was reassured by the doctor that there will be no dialysis but the tests will give a proper base to come up with proper course of action and that was a great achievement in itself. Despite some trouble, I was able to get all the medicines needed for the treatment as prescribed by the nephrologist. My father was in shock post the tryst with one of the tests which was a gamma scan which he knows to be one for detecting cancer. No amount of my telling him that it was to eliminate the possibility would calm him down.

On Sunday, life again revolved around my father who started complaining about feeling giddy and suffering from vertigo. My attmepts at contacting the new set of doctors were of no use as the cardio/physician couple were in Mumbai attending a conference and the nephrologist was spending his Sunday afternoon with, I presume his gin and tonic. I was asked by them to tell my father to rest if he could not stand till the results came through and the nephrologist sees him on Monday.

Ranjan’s friend Dolly came for lunch and brought two flavours of natural ice-cream and I over indulged.

On Monday, I went to the hospital to collect all the reports and everything, at least to my amateur eyes, seemed to be normal. The earliest appointment that I could secure with the nephrologist was at 9.30 pm and we reached there on time only to have to wait an other hour before he could see us. He cleared all doubts regarding problems related to the kidney for my father but suggested that he sees an Urologist too. He also pointed out that the gama scan reports were inaccurate as the age had been understated. He had to do some calculations to get the correct picture but suggested that I get the report revised.

On Tuesday, the hospital was most contrite and prepared a fresh report with the correct age and that did show a better picture than the earlier one. I was also able to get the hospital’s dietician to draw up a diet plan for my father. Later in the evening I took all the reports and went to the primary consultant who suggested that we wait a while to see how much progress my father makes with the new course of treatment before considering the urologist.

With all these developments behind him, my father perked up quite a bit and was back to almost his normal self.

On Wednesday, I was able to find time to seek and secure an appointment with my dentist to take care of a problem that I had not been able to attend to the last couple of weeks. Later in the evening, I went for a long walk, did some shopping and spent some good time with friends in the park and returned home to find a pleasant surprise in the form of Murgesh having come over from Tirupur to spend an evening with me.

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