Weekly Gratitude List – May 12, 2012

Recently, my weekly gratitude list had become more of a journal about my care giving duties and I have been asked as to what I am grateful for. I am grateful for the following.

1. I have been given the opportunity to serve an older person.
2. I have been given all the resources necessary to carry that out.
3. I have a son and caring paid help.
4. I have my blog that helps to record all that happens for posterity.
5. I have a great deal of emotional support from family and am assured of financial help if needed.

Having stayed for a long time with the list that I wrote as a weekly blog, I believe that the time has come to take it away from a blog and make it a private one. The reason for this, is that I am preoccupied with my care giving duties. These have tended to dominate my posts and I have concluded that those must go into more private documentation.

I have however decided to use the blog to write about some of the more interesting aspects of care giving as they arise to share my experiences with my readers. I have made beginning with this post.

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