Weekly Recap – 11.

Saturday saw great news coming in from my brother Arvind and his lovely wife Shanta to advise me that they will come to Pune and stay with us during my surgery and recovery, for as long as they will be needed. It is a great relief. Apart from anything else, Arvind, Shanta and I have not had the time and space to have long talks in many years and I look forward to such talks during my convalescence.

Sunday was Visarjan day and we got a box full of modaks again. Yummy.

Monday was sans newspapers and therefore sans crossword puzzles as it was holiday to recover from yesterday’s send-off processions and parties. I was able to catch up with a lot of reading that had fallen behind.

Tuesday saw two people from my past ringing up to announce that they would visit over the weekend. Jagdish from Delhi an old colleague and dear friend along with his wife Asha would drop in on the 16th and Amit, Ranjan’s college classmate from the early nineties would come to spend the week end with us. I had sent a logistics mail to Arvind to which he replied the way only he can. Big highlighted fonts saying “Don’t Worry!” Tuesday also gave me a telephone call all the way from California from my sister in law which cheered me up considerably as only calls from her can.

Wednesday was totally event less! Just another ordinary day.

Thursday was another totally event less day.

Friday saw my friend from Delhi Jagdish and his lovely wife Asha visit us. We have known each other for the last 44 years and both have been great friends. We were colleagues in the same company for 23 years and it was nice going down memory lane and catching up with all that happened since. Both have had serious health and family problems like all of us and letting off some steam helped too.

Since Jagdish was with me, we made many phone calls to mutual friends and had a grand time reconnecting with all. A new mail group and possibly a reunion is on the cards.

For some strange reason, WordPress misbehaved and my LBC post did not go up at the scheduled time. I was very tired after a the long meeting with Jagdish and Asha and did not check whether the post had gone live. When I discovered that it had not, I had to intervene manually to get it published. Better late than never I suppose.

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