Weekly Recap – 12

Saturday was very quiet. I had to cook a dish as our help got delayed due to a traffic jam and it turned out quite well.

Sunday saw a classmate of Ranjan’s from his college days, visiting us. It was a great reunion as the lad used to spend a lot of time at our home as he was in the hostel of the college and enjoyed the home atmosphere with us. He is now married and a father of two and full of nostalgia for the old days. Ranjan found some time to have a long discussion with me about some of his current problems and it was nice being able to advise him.

Monday was quiet too. I caught up on a lot of reading. The highlight however was the long telephone call from my friend from Delhi who says that he is figuring out a way to come down to Pune to cheer me up at the hospital.

Tuesday started off with a bang. My father had had a bad night and was in a state of panic till I arranged for a doctor to visit us at home. A thorough check up later, it was diagnosed as a possible nightmare and things normalised after that. Late in the evening, a childhood friend, having come to know about the forthcoming surgery called up to wish me the best and talked for a long time about planning for a meeting of all childhood friends in Chennai after my recovery.

Wednesday saw another childhood friend from Hyderabad locating me via Facebook and chatting for a long time. It was nice catching up with him after half a century! I indulged in a pedicure, hair cut and massage as preparatory grooming for the forthcoming stage of inactivity. This is what I look like now:

Thursday saw my nephew come in with a carpenter to increase the height of the diwan to enable me to rest on it after I return from hospital. This was the last but one item on the list of things to do before the surgery and that means now that I am fully ready for the surgery. The surgeon’s office also rang up to check up if everything is moving according to plan and I confirmed that everything is. Ranjan finally got my ipod all stored up with music that I like and that was the last item on the list. I inaugurated the ipod and am fascinated with it.

Friday saw me laughing at myself early in the morning when I came out of the bathroom and went straight to the dressing table to take the hair brush to brush my non existent hair! The day went rushing by with many phone calls and visitors to wish me a successful surgery. I am truly overwhelmed with the number of well wishers in my life.

With this post, I will take a break from posting my weekly recaps till I am back home and able to sit at the computer again. See all of you after I return to blogging. Thank you for encouraging me with this post.

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