Weekly Recap – 2.

My Sunday started off with an amazing blog post by Val in her blog Absurd Old Bird. While I was in the process of recovering from the very high orbit into which I had gone, another mail came in from a dear friend about misreading names which made a staid and perfectly normal person into a porn queen. The misreading was due to atropine drops in the eyes for a check up and the result was simply too funny.

As Sunday progressed, I called on a very dear friend Abbas, who was diagnosed with a couple of blocks in his arteries while on a visit last week to Mumbai. He has come back to Pune to get a proper consultation locally. It was a nice morning’s visit with lots of snacks and amazing mint tea that his lovely wife Husena rustled up for us. I was able to put a post on a housing concept together for Monday morning posting.

Monday started off with an unexpected mail from Jean which with its smilies put a big smile on my face. The day progressed into a routine one but my creative juices flowed to get the follow-up post on Anil and Neena together. My father gave me a grand gift late in the night by asking me to do the dinner chores to suit my schedules rather than his. It was a very thoughtful gesture and I was really overwhelmed. My friend Abbas has been advised to get a stent put in which is not too bad considering that he might have had to go in for a by-pass surgery. Monday also brought a book (The Places That Scare You, by Pema Chodron) that had come my way through a series of leads. A cursory glance assured me that it was worth the trouble I had to take to source it.

Tuesday morning brought a mutual friend of mine and Anil’s back into my blog life, with Kirit popping up from across the world in my comments box. The internet does things like that! I was able to get two other friends, Parag and Karl together and a problem that the former had seems to have been cleared with the help of the latter. I was able to get my favourite plumber to come and do a small job that had been pending for long. I was able to record my admiration and respect for Anil and Neena in my blog; something that I had been wanting to do for a long time.

Wednesday had me on telephone conversations with two friends in South India who had just got their offspring married. It was nice to hear that the occasions went off well and that the children that I have known from their infancy have now settled down to be adults. I also spoke to Narasimha about his son in law’s murder about which I had blogged in the morning. My son and I shifted our accounts from a firm of Accountants to an individual Accountant to finalize our Income Tax Returns and all went well. It looks as if I will be entitled to some refund.

Thursday saw me all dressed up and visiting my neighbours Vimlu and Chandru. We had a grand time, meeting for the first time since the rains started. Lots of laughter and catching up. And it ended up on a very happy note with news from Ashok saying that he has now become a lawyer. Having got quite fond of that young man, that was a very happy news to wind up the day.

Friday was Guru Pournima and Sunil, as he subsequently told me on the phone, wanted to take my blessings and best wishes. Nice to be a Guru to someone! He landed up at home when I had gone to my bank. It is a pity that I could not meet him personally but my father who did was zapped because, Sunil took his blessings instead! A few others too rang me up from various places and it was nice to know that I am still remembered for being a good teacher.

Any thing that bugged me during the week? Yes indeed. I got a painful sprain on my neck on Wednesday morning. A real pain in the neck. No, Conrad, I don’t mean you. Ursula decided to part company with me once again and I am shattered. Conrad wonders whether he should stop looking forward to being the ring bearer and Barath says, not quite yet. It would appear as if Barath is scouting for a replacement! Closer home, my dentures have been giving trouble and I sought an appointment with my dentist who sent me a message saying that she is out of town for ten days and will see me on her return. Reminds me of the lament – “Doctors can be so frustrating. You wait a month and a half for an appointment, Then they say, “I wish you had come earlier!” Grannymar, sounds familiar does it not?

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