Weekly Recap – 3.

I just realized that in my last two weekly reflections, I omitted Saturdays. This has happened because I posted them on Saturdays. I must henceforth remember to include the Saturday of the previous week for the reflections.

Last Saturday saw me settling two pending bills. One going back to five years for which my accountants had not submitted bills, I being a small client. So, I was hit with a big amount but I cheerfully settled it because I did owe that amount to them. Every year in July, I had gone through the process of asking them for the bill only to be told, that they would follow, but this year, I took my account away from them to give it to the son of an erstwhile colleague, who has just set up his own practice. That young lad is happy, his father is happy and I am happy that I made both of them happy. My erstwhile accountant is happy that I settled a five year old bill, and I am happy that I made them happy. Much to be grateful for.

That is not all. That young lad figured out my income tax liability for the current year, finalised my returns and came up with a substantial net refund due to me from the Income Tax Department! This happens here as many payments are made to me with income tax deducted at source and deposited by my principals every time they make a commission payment to me. Typical Taxation harassment!

Saturday also saw my nephew landing up to spend a couple of hours with me and my father got a chance to converse with a fresh face!

And weirdest of all – A close friend from Tirupur in South India, rang me up at about 6.30 pm and asked me for a favour. He wanted me to book tickets online for a Harry Potter show tomorrow afternoon in Coimbatore because the network he was on went on the blink. So, from 1200 kms away I did it for them and mailed a screen shot of the confirmation and also the mail that I received from Coimbatore. His children rang me up and asked me to move to Tirupur forthwith.

Sunday brought my old friend Mohsen with a huge big cake with plenty of icing, just the way I like it, and brought a delightful young Iranian couple, Azadeh and Javad, with him to introduce to me. Both study at the Pune university for their doctorates and were refreshingly candid about their experiences of life in Pune and their hopes and fears about their future in Iran. I thoroughly enjoyed their visit and was reluctant to see them go after a couple of hours.

Monday started off with some male bonding between Ranjan and me going together to the accountant to sign our returns. A nice drive in constant rain and heavy traffic meant that we could chat for a long time. Lunch was again a treat with Mel having sent some cake and Indian sweets.

Tuesday was a lazy day spent at home. It rained all day. I went out for a short while to buy some provisions and was zapped by a young salesman at the super market who wanted to learn English from me. I have offered to teach him for free if he would come home at times convenient to him. He said he would and I would like to see him do that.

Wednesday saw my neck getting back to normal and great success in the kitchen. I cooked up two dishes that turned out to be winners with both consumers thoroughly pleased with the result. I had to go out shopping in the evening to the city and had a young lady making eyes at me! Boy was I pleased! Unfortunately, I was in some physical discomfort due to a pulled thigh muscle obtained by slipping in the mud caused by the incessant rain and could not bring myself to flirt. The shopping foray however, was successful and I was able to get what I went looking for. A major blessing was the absence of the usual traffic jam during the peak hour. I also received very good news about a young man in trouble, finally agreeing to get himself admitted to a rehab for de-addiction.

Thursday led to one of those chain of events that somehow seem to happen to me all the time. Conrad’s post Everyone Tells Me I’m on my Own led me to ask Mayo if he is able to open my blog which he had not been able to for some time now. He confirmed that he is now able to. I was delighted. I had missed his wit in his comments which I hope will now start again.

Friday had me cooking for my father and my son. I made a mutton ribs dish in fresh greens which was much appreciated by both. Nice to know that I have not lost my touch yet. When I shared this achievement with a friend, she promptly suggested that I open a restaurant. Why not?

The week had its share of disappointments. The lad who wanted English lessons did not turn up! I pulled a thigh muscle and, as I write this on Saturday, it continues to be very painful. On balance, more good things, to be thankful for, than disappointments happened. I am grateful.

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