Weekly Recap – 5.

Saturday was quite eventful. I finally did go out to shop though was driven to and fro by my son who also helped in lugging the stuff into the car and from the car into our home. Nice that he had the time to do that.

I also got to talk on Skype with Mayo and Grannymar and it was very satisfying. After finishing off the chats with them, I discovered another old friend online on Skype and called him up and both of us were delighted to be able to talk after a long time. Skype is a wonderful tool.

I am grateful to my neighbour Susan who went out of her way to procure something for me, not available in my neighbourhood, on her shopping spree. She is one of the kindest and most helpful persons that I have had the privilege of knowing.

Sunday turned out to be very pleasant one with my father for the first time ever, openly praising me for my culinary skills and regretting that I could not eat what I had cooked for him. While I cook non vegetarian dishes, I do not eat them. It stumped me, and I am sure that my siblings and other members of my family reading this will find it hard to believe! And to put icing on the cake, Mel landed up with some cake for dessert to make it a grand lunch. Mel and Ranjan too enjoyed the prawn and rice noodles that I had made and like all cooks I was satisfied that three people enjoyed my creation.

Monday saw good news in the form of three new orders after a long time from two clients. When I came down to the computer I was very pleasantly surprised by the new look key board. Ranjan had decided to clean it up!

Tuesday saw Ranjan driving me around on a couple of errands and we once again had some quality time with each other.

Wednesday saw me cooking chicken curry and lo and behold, I was once again praised for it by my father. I wonder if some miraculous change has come over him!

Neelam accompanied by her parents Vimlu and Chandru along with our friend Abbas landed up to spend some time with me at home. It was a hilarious session with Neelam brightening up the atmosphere. Neelam was zapped when I played and sang along this song. I finished reading an amazing book given to me as a birthday gift by my rakhi sister. It was so good that I have ordered for the other two volumes by the same author.

Thursday and Friday were perfect days. Easy, quiet and peaceful. Crosswords, books and newspapers besides very good siestas post good lunches made for lazy laid back living.

I have been advised to go for another revision for my left hip prosthesis. It is now scheduled for end September and I have plenty of time to make all the necessary arrangements to keep disruption at home to the minimum. Confirmation from my trusted surgeon has made the discomofort more bearable!

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