Weekly Recap – 6.

Saturday started off with Susan once again coming to my rescue with some badly needed shopping from the city. She is an amazing personality and I am very lucky to have her for a friend and neighbour. I was able to speak to an old friend in Australia after a long time and he gave me some information of great import to me.

Sunday was special. I was able to get the telephone number of an old teacher, who I respect, and reestablished contact with him. He has promised to meet me at Pune and I look forward to it.

Monday was very eventful. I was able to regain one lost client after much cajoling and it was very satisfying. I also booked two fresh orders. Nothing like a bit of business to lift the spirits up in these difficult days. Ranjan surprised me with a huge bar of some amazing chocolate. It took a great deal of will power not to finish it all off in one sitting.

Tuesday was again productive and I gained a new client and booked another order. Things are certainly looking up. My old Professor emailed to confirm his forthcoming visit to Pune.

Wednesday started off with a flattering comment from Looney in my blog. Boy, did I go over the moon! Thanks to that comment the rest of the day flew. I had various visitors who made the day fly even faster culminating in the surprise visit of a dear friend from deep down South who brought good news about Tamil Nadu and the current agricultural prospects there.

Thursday saw a totally unexpected development that put my mind at rest about the forthcoming expenses on my surgery. The relief from that worry is indescribable. An Income Tax problem faced by my son was sorted out much to his and my relief. One colleague from my past landed up for a chat and it was nice catching up with him. I met up with another ex colleague at our accountant’s office and that too was a grand re-union. Our neighbour sent some biryani over for my father and my son and has promised to send some vegetarian stuff soon for me. To add a great finale to an exceptionally good day, a new reader of my blog, a retired school teacher, complimented me on my writing skills.

Friday brought a Rakhi from my rakhi sister. Perfect timing. I shall make her happy anon. A book that was lost in transit between a net shop and me was found and will be delivered tomorrow.

I burnt my forearm while cooking and it was quite painful. Pain in the leg continues and till surgery I have to live with it.

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