Weekly Recap – 9.

Last Saturday started off the 15th day of nicotine free existence. I finished reading the last of the trilogy and heaved a sigh of relief. I won’t be tempted to stay up late to finish any more in the near future. Another book on philosophy that I had ordered some time ago arrived and I have started the serious stuff again. Under my father’s supervision, one South Indian dish was cooked which turned out to be quite tasty.

Sunday saw one of my fellow caregiver club member in some distress. I landed up at the hospital to visit her and her father to cheer them up with a couple of gifts which I think was much appreciated. It was a change for me too as I had been cooped up and felt the need to get out a bit. I also got acquainted with a brand new hospital about which I had not known.

Ranjan helped me make my friends lives a bit happier by taking some idlies and vadais to the hospital. Quite whether the patient will be allowed to eat them has been left to the care giver. I hope that the latter gets to have some. I managed two trips to the pathology lab to give samples for various tests and will get the results tomorrow.

Tuesday’s visit to the hospital was tiring to get three tests done. Fortunately, all the results are positive unless the surgeon finds something wrong somewhere. I was able to tie up a couple of loose ends at the bank too.

Wednesday saw my father’s bridge being fitted and him comfortable. I got my dentures adjusted while at the dentist too. Much more comfortable since. I got all my pathology reports and to my amateur eyes they look okay. Appointment with the surgeon on Friday should confirm one way or the other.

My nephew came to visit and has assured me about his availability for any assistance during my hospitalisation and subsequent recuperation at home. He is also arranging to modify some furniture at home which will make post surgery life comfortable for me. It is a great relief.

Thursday was quiet and I was able to talk with my GP on the phone for the first time after his hospitalisation and return home to recover from a cardiac arrest. I think that he appreciated the call and I was able to cheer him up quite a bit besides his giving me his green signal to go ahead with my surgery. I cooked three dishes, all favourites of my father and son and they were much appreciated. My nephew had brought over some traditional sweets for the Ganesh festival starting. Another bonus was Ranjan’s ex sending some delicious cakes across.

Friday was meeting with my surgeon who after perusing all the medical reports announced that I am in great shape and can safely undergo the surgery without any pre-surgery preparations/medications. So, countdown begins on a note of optimism.

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