Weight Loss The Fun Way!

As my regular readers know, with my recent travels and catching up with many good things of life, I was spoilt silly by a number of well wishers who fed me goodies under the impression that as part of my caregiving duties I was underfed. Since my return from Delhi on the 20th of last month, I have been consciously avoiding eating out and sticking to a diet and also exercising vigorously to get my weight down to manageable levels.

So, whenever I come across some news item about weight reduction, I follow through to see how I can benefit. Here is the latest that I have come across.

I investigated further and came across this video which shows what needs to be done. Can you imagine me up there?

Okay Ash, want to give the whole thing a shot?

17 thoughts on “Weight Loss The Fun Way!”

  1. So the dance of the Seven Veils is back in vogue again! Now there you go…. Find and invite seven young lovelies to visit and share the dance with you. I bet you will soon be slim trim and…… worn out! 😉
    Grannymar recently posted..Food Monday ~ The Bishop

  2. This post is both fitting and timely. I have been indulging and have been thinking ofmcutting back when ‘Along comes Rummuser’. So Hell Yea! I wanna give the whole thing a shot! 🙂 Thanks and hugs!

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