What A Day And What A Movie!

Today was a perfect day.

Before the perfect day started, the first perfect thing to happen was the telephone call from my sister Padmini to wish me for Raksha Bandan.

Then, I solved five tough crossword puzzles in record time.

That was followed by going out to lunch with Ranjan, Manjiree and Manjiree’s parents and sisters and our favourite grand niece Tanishka. The lunch was at a poolside restaurant called Firangi Tadka (Translated into English – Foreign Seasoning) and the food was excellent. That was followed by some amazing sweets at home brought for the occasion by the Patwardhans to celebrate two occasions, Ranjan’s and Manjiree’s first wedding anniversary and Raksha Bandan.

Later in the afternoon after a perfect siesta, a matinee show to see The Hundred Foot Journey with Manjiree and Ranjan. I shall write a review separately.

To cap it all, a family shopping spree at a super market store where some long overdue provisions were purchased to stock up the larder.

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