What A Memory Trigger!

I had a hair cut this morning and the saloon’s FM Radio played a song from my youth that took me back to many memorable moments for two reasons. The first one for the song itself for its remarkable music score and lyrics which brought back memories of our monsoon nights and the Kumar trio of actor singers.

The second reason for the nostalgia trip was due to this song always triggering my memory of another great song which was my favourite for many years. A song that I had to sing in many parties to admiring friends who were all in the same boat – times when we did not have hire purchase schemes, or obliging banks with easy to obtain personal loans. Enlightened employers had employee loan schemes that advanced loans but made sure that the loans were repaid by deducting a pre-determined amount from the monthly pay cheques. So inevitably, all of us young people in employment and without the backing of well do do parents, were in debt to our employers. You will understand why this particular song was popular with that background. No, none of us however were employed in coal mines!

9 thoughts on “What A Memory Trigger!”

  1. Wow – a great song Ihave not heard in quite a while. Interesting too to hear it as 45 claims to be reinvigorating the coal mining industry -another of his myriad lies. But he is very vocal of late as today is election day.

    Ultimately it speaks to the immorality of the robber baron class that attempted to enslave a workforce without calling it slavery

    1. There was something very appealing about Country and Western music of those days. I am out of touch but, is it still the same or has modern music swept that and Bluegrass music away? I am now more into Indian classical music and that is why I ask.

    1. Kishore Kumar remains my favourite singer of Hindi film songs even today. I can’t think of any of his songs not having been popular. The sixteen tons is also a remarkable song.

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