What Could Have Been.

The inspiration for this post came from a remarkable 12 minute short film which is shown at the end of the post. Actors, Naseeruddin Shah and Shernaz Patel have produced remarkable performances and I am sure that my readers will enjoy watching the short film as much as I did.

Why I want to write about this film is due to two true stories in my life. The first is about my first kiss about which I had written two blog posts here and here.

The other is one about which I have not written before. My first great romance was with TK which lasted for all of three and a half years between my 18th and 22nd years. We broke up because her religion came in the way of a long term relationship and she went her way and I mine.

Like Sharada came back into my life, TK too did just two years ago. She was asked by a mutual friend who had been in touch with both of us without letting each other know about the other all these years. TK rang me up to inform me about the death of another mutual friend in the USA. TK too got married the same year as I did and after all these years we got to know all about what had happened to each other during the interim.

In both the cases, I used to wonder after the parting of ways as to what had happened to them. I used to imagine all kinds of scenarios in moments of wistful dreaming but the truth when it came to be known, was totally different.

In the film, the hero is shown at the reunion, but not about his wistful dreaming days if he had had any and that is what made me write this post.

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  1. what an absolutely beautiful small film this is.
    at first I did not understand that the young couple were the older couple in the past.
    their faces and expressions were far more meaningful than any words.
    it was all there.
    it is exquisite.
    just as our memories are of people now gone. and the wondering of what might have been!
    thank you sean.
    a lovely post.
    tammy j recently posted..the experts

  2. I suspect most of us have a first love story. Mine – at least the first real one (after high school) was KLV. We met at work and became fast friends. It quickly progressed from there. As luck – or fate – would have it, we hit a speed bump in the relationship and it was in that time I met Lynn. For a time I dated them both as Lynn was going to school at Brigham Young University in Utah and I was going to the local Community College with K. When summer arrived, things sorted themselves out and I was with Lynn. But I always had a soft spot for KLV- and in fact I tracked her down and emailed her to catch up a bit. That was fun. Her life turned out well,
    shackman recently posted..Talking About My Generation LBC 07/29/2016

  3. My husband and I are so lucky that our second chance happened only a few months after our first one. We each attended the same even in June, 1964, but did not meet one another. In October that same year we each attended a totally unrelated event in a different venue and met there. And we’ve been married to one another just a few months short of 50 years now. I feel blessed to not have to wonder what might be different if we hadn’t attended the second event.

  4. My Texas boyfriend I didn’t want partly because he was Catholic. But I’ve wondered about him all these years.
    I found out, with Google help, a couple months ago that he DIED AT AGE 43! 🙁 That’s all I could find out. Must have been a car accident I tell myself. I don’t like open ended mysteries.

  5. P.S. I was from West Virginia, he from Texas (USA). We met in Virginia where we were in colleges.

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