What Do Retired People Do?

At around 10.30 AM every Sunday without fail, my Godson ND will ring me up to catch up with or share any news that may have transpired the previous week. I always end the call with the quip that he should not worry as I am still alive and kicking. His inevitable quip will be that he just wants to ensure that I don’t change my mind about including him in my last will and testament.

Last Sunday was no different except that he was very excited about something that reminded him and his lovely bride RD of my plight. Both had seen the latest version of Reality Show “Big Boss”. In that episode it was revealed that a well known Bhajan Singer Anup Jalota 65 was dating 28 year old Jasleen Matharu.

Both RD and ND felt strongly that if Anup Jalota could date a lady 37 years younger to him, so could I and that I should start looking around seriously. Nitin in all earnestness asked if the two of them should start playing cupid.

We had a good laugh and I thought that the story was over.

This morning however the topic was re-ignited by an old colleague SVP in a WhatsApp group to which both of us belong. All of us in that group are retired old foggies and exchange jokes and political barbs at each other in the group. To SVP I quoted an Ancient Saw in Sanskrit that goes as follows:

When not practiced, knowledge is poison; in indigestion, food is poison |
poison is gathering/festivities for the poor; old man’s young woman is poison ||

अनभ्यासे विषं विद्या अजीर्णे भोजनं विषम् ।
विषं सभा दरिद्रस्य वृद्धस्य तरुणी विषम् ॥

anabhyAse viShaM vidyA, ajIrNe bhojanaM viShaM |
viShaM sabhA daridrasya, vRiddhasya taruNI viShaM ||

Another mischievous colleague SST simply added below that quote — “Jealous”.

A while later, the first poster came up with this image.

The background to the picture is that India’s Supreme Court has just struck down an Archaic British legacy law against homosexuality.

Now, I wonder if a message is being sent by SVP to both SST and me!

10 thoughts on “What Do Retired People Do?”

  1. Large age gaps (in whatever combo – man much older, woman much older) mystify me. One of my sisters married a man much younger than her (don’t try that at home and have three kids when your husband is barely out of his own nappies) and that went pear shaped. Then she married a much much OLDER man (no, not for the money). Their relationship has evolved to that of good neighbours (adjoining properties). On the other hand my mother married a man younger than her and they are both still alive (together). And my other sister married a man with the exact age gap between you and me. Which is? Don’t ask. I’ll give you a clue. Another time.

    So, what do I know? Nothing.

    Look at the French President. Look at Woody Allen. Either way – it can be done.

    Anyway, what is all this talk, Ramana? You and I are long time betrothed, not that much has come of it, and your friends suggest someone who could be your granddaughter? Don’t worry. It’s ok with me. The more I can delegate the happier I am. Anyway, it’s hard work to be someone’s tonic.

    Have my blessings and hugs (administered by myself, NOT delegated) from your very own not so much spring as late summer’s chicken,

    1. Ah, my late spring summer’s chicken. How thoughtful of you to remind me that you are lurking around in the background. Long distance romance or not, I shall point out your comments to ND and RD with great delight.

  2. “We had a good laugh and I thought that the story was over.”

    Glad you ignored the friends’ offer to play cupid…it was irrational idea to mimic Anup Jalota just to prove a point 🙂

    ​युक्तियुक्तं वचो ग्राह्यं, बालादपि शुकादपि।
    युक्तिहीनं वचस्त्याज्यं, वृद्धादपि शुकादपि॥

    Whatever is rational should be accepted whether it comes from a child or a parrot. Whatever isn’t, should be rejected even if it comes from an old person or the great sage ŚrīŚuka himself.

    1. I really don’t need others to play cupid for me Ekoshapu. Just read Ursula’s comments here and also my response to her. You are late to the party. We had a rip roaring online romance going for a while some years ago. May be, we will just revive it.

  3. It’s a very long while since I dated anyone (namely Jenny). I’m very relieved to be out of the dating game, with all its attendant anxieties, wild expectations, disappointments and embarrassments. I certainly wouldn’t consider someone 37 years younger – it would almost certainly end in tears. I feel sorry for all those youngsters who are still grappling with the whole messy business.

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