13 thoughts on “What Do You Practice Everyday.”

  1. There is a saying in the mother lingo, roughly translated as “Children speak the unvarnished truth”. Which if true, and it is, I amount to about five years of age.

    And that is why one of the things I have been trying(!) to practice for the last few years, not least in blogland, to keep my mouth shut. Unless all I have to say is “nice”.

    Must try harder,


  2. Very true, that the more you indulge in those bad habits, the more entrenched they become, so try practising something more life-enhancing like joy. Glad to say I’m not prone to anger or complaining, but worrying is something I can’t shake off, even though I never practised it!

    1. Your comment made me chuckle. My father-in-law was a worrier. It would have been so much water off my duck’s back if it hadn’t unsettled his son/my (then) husband so much. He’d come off the phone (or when FIL was visiting) and suddenly there were worries where there needn’t be any. Which, naturally, was “worrying” for me since my (then)husband was (still is) a worrier by nature too. The amount of energy people give over to worrying is, if you are a worrier, frankly worrying.

      So, Nick, stop it. Count your blessings. You aren’t my father-in-law (RIP), you don’t have children to worry about who then in turn worry about you worrying. So what’s to worry about?


  3. such a serious little fellow! but then his topic is serious.
    he’s amazing and adorable at the same time.
    “and a little child shall lead them” comes to mind.
    I think he must live in a very mindful and enlightened household.
    thank you Rummy.

  4. Not too sure about this one Ramana. I think he was very carefully rehearsed in what he said because how could a small child with no life experience talk of practice? He’s going to have his heart broken, his dreams smashed, his living compromised at some point because Life.

    I prefer the wisdom of those who have struggled and been forced to change and how did they achieve the practice of 180 turn from their former behaviours?


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