What Have I been doing?

Recently, I have not been blogging as much as I normally do. This has been due to the turmoil that all of us went through post November 26, with telephone calls, emails, group mails, social network alerts and comments on posts etc. This activity has certainly tapered off but has not completely disappeared.

I was also preoccupied with the planning for the arrival of my father to live with us, his arrival and settling him in comfortably. After his arrival, some alterations to the bathroom to suit his convenience had to be arranged for and finally, all was completed to his satisfaction yesterday. His personal effects that have been trucked, is expected to arrive tomorrow and that will take a couple of days to unpack and arrange.

Next week therefore, promises to be busy with the unpacking to start with, my weekly class, and a planned for visit to fit my father with a hearing aid too. So, I may not be able to post much next week too. I am just about managing to keep up with reading my regular bookmarked blogs and commenting on them.

In all this, the horror of the recent terrorist attack has never been far away from my consciousness. There are so many mails and analysis in newspapers, magazines etc that one is not allowed to forget. The paradox of the captured terrorist singing like a canary, seeking forgiveness from India, all those affected and pleading to be sent back to Pakistan is an amazing development. This baby faced monster expects India to do all this? What drama!

If proof was needed that these animals do not have the same normal feelings that we other human beings have, can be summed up by the news item in the BBC. I reproduce it here to illustrate and also give a link for those interested to read the full article. The report is following the visit to Pakistan and Afghanistan by Mr. Gordon Brown, Prime Minister of Britain. Do read on.

“The prime minister’s visit to Afghanistan came a day after four Royal Marines were killed in two separate bomb attacks.

Mr Brown spoke of his “disgust and horror” at the willingness of the Taleban to use a 13-year-old child to deliver a bomb in a wheelbarrow to a Marine patrol, killing three men and the boy.” (Emphasis mine)

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