What Is Life? Is Death Real?

Who truly knows, who can honestly say where.
This universe came from
And where it will vanish to at the End?
Those godlike wise men who claim they know were born long
After the birth of Creation.
Who then could know where our universe really came from?
And whoever knows or does not know where Creation came from,
Only one gazing at its vastness from the very roof of the final Heaven
“Only such a one could possibly know,
But does even He know? “

~ Rig Veda – 129.6. 7

26 thoughts on “What Is Life? Is Death Real?”

  1. My dear dear Ramana, what to do with you – dead matter clearly being on your mind. I will admit that – for selfish reasons – I can’t wait for one or two people to kick the bucket (ref. stubbed toe). But, on the whole, I think it preferable to be alive rather than dead. As you know my bedside manner is atrocious, so the best I can come up with is that when you are dead you are dead. What comfort: You won’t know about it. Which is what freaks me out. It’s one thing to not have lived before you were born. It’s another to die after you have lived.

    Many happy returns,
    Ursula recently posted..I haven’t found it yet

    1. “It’s one thing to not have lived before you were born. It’s another to die after you have lived.” A profound thought. To believe in an afterlife must be comforting. Too bad I’m unable to do it.

  2. to think that we would eventually have to interact with a bunch of ‘hal’s’ … as in 2001 space odyssey…
    and yet einstein pointed to a table and said it was as much a part of him as his own arm…
    i’m willing to be surprised when i awaken after death.
    and if i never awaken… it will be a nice rest. a win win either way.
    tammy j recently posted..to jim

  3. Memories of my childhood recall blessed ashes being placed on my forehead as a reminder that we came from ashes (no mention of sperm?) and into ashes we would return …. Afterwards!
    Now I better check out under the bed carefully, it looks like someone is either coming or going!
    Grannymar recently posted..Silent solace

  4. Only time will tell but I certainly feel like the last 65+ yeas have been real. I’m not afraid of death though I have seen how the act of dying can be quite unpleasant for the person dying and his/her family. I also understand how some people give up on life.
    shackman recently posted..James Thurber’s Dogs

  5. I think of myself as a tossed stone spreading ripples, oscillating nodes and anti-nodes. While I’d like to think I can control the effect of those ripples on my children and grandchildren, this plot of land on which I live, or the cashier at the grocery store, it’s really up to them to experience the effect of those nodes and anti-nodes spreading out from where I am. For me, perhaps that’s enough. If there’s a conscious “after,” I’ll let you know when we all meet there.

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