What Is The Point?

I have recently been noticing a tendency on my part to pontificate on many things from my past, particularly when my daughter in law Manjiree, who has come into my life just two years ago, asks some innocuous question about something that triggers off either a nostalgic visit to the past or to something that used to be that no longer exists. The point is, that in both cases, her original question usually remains unanswered till I finish my soliloquy with the past and either remember it or she frustratedly asks it again.

I must make a conscious effort not to indulge in such pointless soliloquies. That is the moral that I have learnt from the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip that I reproduce below.

And I am much older than Calvin’s father here. Incidentally, another pointless piece of information, in all the time that I have enjoyed Calvin and Hobbes, Calvin’s parents are never called by their names. Dad, Mom, Hon etc are the only terms used. Can someone correct me if I am wrong?

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Scan 11

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