What is/was your favourite weekend getaway spot?

This is a difficult question to come up with a single answer for me. You will see why as you proceed reading this post.

Pre Business School, way back in the early sixties, I was based in Chennai in Tamil Nadu, a state in the Southern parts of our nation. There was prohibition during those days and one had to buy bootleg booze at exorbitant prices or risk illness and death drinking illicit liquor distilled in stills by unscrupulous characters.

Just 170 Kms from Chennai was what then for me for Paradise. Puducherry, a small town did not suffer the bane of prohibition and had some very affordable hotels to stay in. It was my and a group of friends’ favourite weekend getaway spot during those days.

Subsequently, Business School, work pressures and the travelling nature of my job meant that my favourite weekend getaway spot was home wherever we happened to be living as during the week days, I hardly spent any time at home.

As I made progress and the five day week end was introduced, I was able to manage to get away from Mumbai to Hyderabad, my late wife’s home town for week ends. Since I had fond memories of Hydearbad too, I always looked forward to those get aways.

Since, by then my travelling had become national and international, being at home during week ends became even more the norm.

When we moved to Pune in 1990, I had to step up travelling again to get acquainted with my new career and so, home was the obvious choice for week end getaways. As the travelling reduced, visiting Mahabaleshwar became the week end getaways and I had written about it in my blog on our Monsoon.

After retirement, since every day became a week end for me, there were no favourite week end getaways. That state of affairs continues till today. I am also content with just spending each day at home and it takes a great deal of motivation to change my mind!

This post is my contribution the the weekly Friday 2 on 1 blog posts. The other blogger, who suggested this topic, Shackman’s take on the same topic can be read here.

18 thoughts on “What is/was your favourite weekend getaway spot?”

  1. We only got to our getaway 2 or 3 time a year but we really enjoyed it. Monterey was only about 3 hours from home and the ride was quite enjoyable. If we got off early we’d go down the coast via Hwy 1. The trips were busy yet relaxing – I have not been there since we moved to Texas in 1994. It is an easy place to miss.

    1. I read your blog post and have left a detailed comment there but I can understand your enjoyment of visiting coastal resorts. I have visited a number of them all over India but none that I would choose as places that I regularly visited or would do now.

  2. Jenny and I often have weekend breaks in other UK cities we’re fond of like Liverpool, Glasgow and Edinburgh – partly to visit art exhibitions or special events, partly to catch up with old friends. If we’re going abroad we prefer to stay for at least a week or two to make the trip worthwhile.

    1. Absolutely. We had plans for a weekend getaway farm house before illness overtook Urmeela. Otherwise, we would have also been like you and Andy running off to that getaway every opportunity that we got.

  3. Getaways for us always included our children as we explored the new area to which we had relocated, first in the U.S. State of Arizona — leaving the hot dry desert for higher elevations in our summer — the Grand Canyon, mountains, etc. Then we never ceased to find interesting places when we moved to Southern California — the beach, Pacific Ocean, mountains. We probably could have used time together for just the two of us, but life was hectic then, with so much pressed in to so little time.

    1. As I look back in my own life, I can relate to what you convey about so much pressed into so little time. There was also the financial situation of those days that prevented a more adventurous way of life!

  4. I travelled to mainly “fishing beach spots” for holidays when I was attached to my husband because that was his favourite occupation…we would load up the car, I would drive (he didn’t) and arrive somewhere – sometimes right on the beach front, but always I was careful “he could walk there/back” – and yes he caught fish…’

    In the last year or so, I have taken to being away for a week, but that is because I’m like you, every day is a w/end for me now…

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