What Is Your Kryptonite?

I had never heard of the word Kryptonite till Shackman came up with this topic for this week’s Friday Two On One blog post. Well, you live and learn and I have indeed learned something new.

To answer the specific question that Shackman has asked, for me, it is no brainer that it is my COPD.

I can go on and on about the condition and how I am coping with it but, will spare my readers the agony with just these words. It is a difficult condition to live with but, I manage quite cheerfully and have accepted the limitations that it imposes on my life style.

The other kryptonite most people seem to talk about in their lives are people and I am very glad to say that I do not have any in my life who can be thus classified. Such people do come into my life but, I don’t let them stay in my life. I am quite comfortable without them thank you.

I am sure that Shackman has much more to say about this topic, and I request you to go over to his blog to read that. Thank you.

16 thoughts on “What Is Your Kryptonite?”

  1. Kryptonite which we may acquire beginning when we’re children probably lessens more and more as we mature — unless we don’t learn and evolve.

  2. If, by Kryptonite, you mean “Achilles Heel” I most certainly wouldn’t tell anyone (assuming I myself knew) what my Achilles Heel is. Well, maybe with the exception of the Angel. He wouldn’t exploit the knowledge I imparted on him. Everyone else? Don’t know. Ever since, about ten years or so ago, one of the people closest to me, my sister, betrayed me to an unimaginable extent I am a little risk averse when it comes to disclosure.


  3. There’s no kryptonite in my life right now, but there are two things that might totally undermine me in the future – a severe and debilitating medical condition or suddenly having no money. Luckily neither of those look very likely at the moment.

  4. Excellent question Ramana. I liken krptonite to becoming “undone” a word I really like. My family of origin can do that to me with their gaslighting and abuse. I steer clear of them, well most of them. As it would be the only thing in the world that would undo me and my loved ones.

    Please write more about your COPD if you wish. We need to be honest about old age and all its ugly as well as its joyful manifestations.

    having said that I really admire how you are so positive.


    1. Gaslighting people in one’s life can indeed be very serious kryptonites. I have mentioned them in my post that I simply have nothing to do with them.

      I can honestly say that being positive is not something that I acquired. It is simply the way I have always been. Perhaps it is genetic. Both my parents were.

  5. I imagine every American kid of a certain age knows what kryptonite is! it is the one thing that weakened Superman’s powers.
    my own kryptonite seems to be salt.
    with all my heart problems and the COPD that I share with you …
    it is now the bane of my existence. it leads to excess fluid and inflammation.
    but I love it. and I’m quite sure I’m even addicted to it. nothing made me happier than Movie style popcorn! now it is a once in a very LONG time treat. and it shall be that way now until I go to the great popcorn maker in the sky!

  6. Poor old Superman. I think of Kryptonite less in terms of things like illness and more in terms of things in your life that are hard to avoid but can still damage you. Like sales for the impulsive shopper, say. I’m not sure what mine would be except possibly my kids. I’d take any sort of hit for them.

  7. I’m trying to catch up on your blog posts – gmail has taken upon itself to route your posts into any old folder it feels is best…some folders I only glance at once in a while.

    My biggest part of my life with kryptonite has to do with an earlier illness that is still my primary diagnosis and it doesn’t have a true pill/potion to treat it. The best I’ve found is “self-management” which in itself is usually controllable. I’ve had this illness since the early 1990s which I acquired through another recognisable illness that that caused me a huge amount of grief.

    I might look like I’m busy as with “making art and things” but I can be zapped the moment Superman drifts off my radar OR I fail to take note of something going “off-edge” which also is highly likely…

    Since, I live in “home alone” situation I’m able to tailor my life to suit ill health, good health, and anything else that comes my way. That means I can basically do what I want 🙂
    Catherine de Seton recently posted..A week dabbling – so much fun…

    1. Yes, many of the commentators here our around our age have commented on health issues being the Kryptonite and we have all developed our own systems to handle that. Yours is just more creative and admirable.

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