What Must I Do?

I am 69 going 70. I am in reasonably good mental and physical health though my shock absorbers have been replaced a few times. I am financially stable if not exactly in the same league as the subject of the article that you will read later, with my own roof over my head, an interesting, loving and supportive assortment of relatives and friends and a few club memberships for which people here will be willing to give their arms and legs.

More importantly, I am single and very eligible and I am told quite an amusing and interesting company to anyone. I may not look quite like Brad Pitt but I don’t think I am Homer Simpson either.

Despite all these sterling qualifications, I am single and unable to find myself a mate.

But just look at this enviable comparison. The bloke is nine years older than I am and he can find a 27 year old beauty to wed.

What must I do to get into the same league? No, I do not want to become a politician, but any other workable ideas will be most welcome. Most of my regular readers are ‘out of the box’ thinkers. Don’t disappoint me.

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  1. I will give you the same advice that I give everyone who is looking. Put yourself in a position to meet someone. That may mean joining an online dating group. It may mean attending other functions where single women congregate. I don’t know how things are in India, do single women ever congregate in the same place? I saw a show on how to marry a millionaire. They talked about how you have to hang out where the millionaires hang out. I don’t know if that is your goal, but hang out where the single women hang out. Honestly though, I wouldnt’ set my sights on a 27 year old. Those women are usually just gold diggers. Go for someone more your age. I think you would have more in common with an older woman anyway. 🙂
    Delirious recently posted..Advice From the Street

  2. You did say “out of the box”….( that’s license I’m afraid ! ) …..The least complicated relationship you could look for now is a gay one ! It helps to have ( another ) man about the house ! The only problem is that you don’t have a membership of a Gay Club – not a problem , it’s an opportunity – start one – it will be huge success – all Bars will be Men’s Bars , just 1 rest room is required and you could have a genuine May Queen Ball ! Please don’t scratch my eyes out ! : )

    1. Nandu Pillai, I have no idea what you are talking about. Which is good. If I, Ursula, had made that comment of yours, Ramana’s readership would have had me blown out of the water never to be returned to Planet Blog.

      I am sure your intentions are good but can’t help feeling that Ramana is after something slightly more voluptuous, soft and feminine than your average gay guy. Admittedly, a lot of gays are pretty and know how to hold a handbag (without looking gay as only a straight man can when pressed into holding my handbag for a moment).

      I am perturbed by your assertion that to enter into a gay relationship is “the least complicated”. You’ve got to be joking: One pot of testosterone is hard enough to keep a lid on – but two? On a personal note, and to blow your notion apart: The most complicated and screwing with my mind friendship I have ever had was with a gay guy.

      Ursula recently posted..The End

      1. I did not know . That explains Ursula’s frenetic rant !I I worry that she may scratch my eyes ( my only redeeming feature ) out now ! I was guided ( misled ?) by your cry ” I am single and unable to find a mate” ! Friends ( even FB friends ) don’t lie to each other .. I even conjured up scenarios of “lining up” some suitable candidates during your next trip to Bangalore – now all evaporated in a pouf ( sp ? ) of smoke ! I almost made a crack at Ursula’s “screwing with my mind by a gay guy” remark but restrained myself , the sensitive guy that I am . As for Berlo’s new toy girl I personally feel she is “pasta the besta before data” – capiche ?

        1. Nandu Pillai, how gratifying that you picked up on my ‘subtle’ remark that no one has ever screwed with my mind like the gay guy.

          If you think my first reply to you was a ‘frenetic rant’ born out of jealousy you ain’t seen nothing yet. First of all I am not the jealous type, secondly I am not known to mince my words – as the long suffering Ramana and his friends will confirm.Though, come to think of it, I haven’t been banned from any of their blogs for a while.

          The saga of Ramana’s and my betrothal is a long winded one, possibly worthy of a Bollywood movie; Please do rest assured that I have added you to our guest list. The Ringbearer (Old Fossil) clearly getting a little impatient. At one point there was slight confusion whether, in truth, I wasn’t averse to the Ringbearer himself. Making hay was mentioned. Anyway, all that was cleared up not only because I wouldn’t wish to take on Lady Foss but because I don’t steal other women’s men. No, Nandu, as befits a good script it’s all far more complicated: The main obstacle to our nuptials being that I am not the marrying kind, and Ramana is precariously close to my father’s age. Which obviously doesn’t stop La Napolitana and her ardour for someone who could be her grandfather. So Ramana’s despair and claim to be single, foot loose if not fancy free does bear out the truth.

          Please do line up suitable friends of yours to meet Ramana’s desire. It would take a weight off me. Now, as to your eyes: Tell me more.

          Ursula recently posted..The End

        2. Ursula : Far be it for me to say but “legal adoption” could be one of Ramana’s options vis a vis your good self ( amongst other I dare say ) . I almost feel envious of all the options this friend of mine has at his disposal – spoilt for choice and yet “unable to find a mate” . ( I like the way we talking as if he is not in the room ) . Anyway bottom line he is “available” and waiting to , wanting to, willing to . So I can assume my matchmaker avatar tout suite – gives a retired guy something worthwhile to do . As for my eyes ( whoa ! I am a happily married man – 35 years now and counting ) ..and seeing as you are a self confessed “hands off other women’s men” type might even get my dear wife’s permission to show you my eyes , an ageing would be cupid’s eyes . Pity I cant post pictures on this blog so will send it via Ramana . It could be the beginning of a meaningless relationship – what fun !!

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