What Must I Do?

I am 69 going 70. I am in reasonably good mental and physical health though my shock absorbers have been replaced a few times. I am financially stable if not exactly in the same league as the subject of the article that you will read later, with my own roof over my head, an interesting, loving and supportive assortment of relatives and friends and a few club memberships for which people here will be willing to give their arms and legs.

More importantly, I am single and very eligible and I am told quite an amusing and interesting company to anyone. I may not look quite like Brad Pitt but I don’t think I am Homer Simpson either.

Despite all these sterling qualifications, I am single and unable to find myself a mate.

But just look at this enviable comparison. The bloke is nine years older than I am and he can find a 27 year old beauty to wed.

What must I do to get into the same league? No, I do not want to become a politician, but any other workable ideas will be most welcome. Most of my regular readers are ‘out of the box’ thinkers. Don’t disappoint me.

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