What P. G. Wodehouse Character Are You?

My readers would know that I am a great fan of P.G. Wodehouse and continue to read him despite having to read some of the books that I have already read.

So, when my blogger and facebook friend Jim led me to a site which asked me a series of questions to find out which PGW character am I, I was intrigued and went there and answered the questions.

I got

You are the quintessential gentleman’s personal gentleman — always shimmering into a room with the solution to a tough nut. You are well read, well bred and look good in a uniform. What ho, Jeeves, what ho!”

What ho, indeed!  My nephew Jaisundar, another PGW fan will be highly amused.

8 thoughts on “What P. G. Wodehouse Character Are You?”

  1. I’ve had a 3 course meal with your blog. I would certainly go to the theatre with you if you lived closer. I love theatre. PGW I’ve read him of course but not repeats. Not as big a fan as you.

    Poor cats. Frightened out of their wits.

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  2. I started watching some Wodehouse on TV but didn’t like it enough to watch more. I agree though, Jeeves, seemed to be a cool head. I’m a problem solver, but I’m way too independent to make a good butler.
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  3. Tuppy Glossop

    had no idea at points what the options actually meant/whom – so picked something that looked entertaining – word wise 🙂

    1. An endearing character quite a match for Bertie.

      Tuppy is a fellow club member of Bertie Wooster, the main character and employer of Jeeves in PGW’s most novels. Tuppy’s marriage problems feature in a few of PGW books primarily relating to his financial condition. Bertie reminisces quite frequently about a practical joke Tuppy played on him where one evening at the Drones Club, Tuppy dared Bertie to swing across the club swimming pool by means of the exercise rings. Bertie made quick work of the challenge only to discover that Tuppy had looped the last ring back, necessitating a fall into the water in full evening dress. Despite this recollection being fresh in his mind, Bertie unfailingly helps Tuppy out of several sticky situations, especially those involving his cousin Angela.

  4. what ho rummy! i don’t know how i missed this post but i did on the day.
    i turned out to be bertie wooster.
    if you recall… i dearly love wodehouse.
    and just like it says re bertie… perhaps not the sharpest knife in the drawer
    but he does love life and enjoys it to the fullest.
    although he also does usually get on my last nerve.
    and as his alter ego i’m sure i do others as well. 😀 fun.
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    1. if you see the reply from rummuser to me – about Tuppy – sorry tammy that I caused you to have a very wet fall one splendid night!

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