30 thoughts on “What We Need Most.”

  1. The man on the right could do with a good bra. So could the man on the left, come to think of it. I’ve never regarded bulging muscles as attractive, and not just because I’ve never had them. Physical strength, sure, but conspicuous muscularity seems a bit pointless.

    1. The man on the left should read Francis! That is my opinion, but it takes all kinds to make this world. There are all kinds of psychological factors at work in both cases.

  2. nick took the words right out of my mouth.
    men (or even women now for that matter) who bulk up like that… always look to me as if they have huge rocks under their skin. it’s simply not appealing to me.
    strength is one thing but I appreciate tinsel strength. like a cat.
    love the quote! not just in body image either.
    tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

      1. frankly the reason I don’t care for muscle bound people is the way they move.
        they never look limber to me. they walk rather ‘stove up’ to use an old phrase from my part of the country.
        I like the quietly muscular grace of a cary grant more.
        muscles don’t necessarily make the man.
        and nick said muscularity not masculinity.
        and my name is spelled with a y.
        just sayin’.
        tammy j recently posted..moving on old bean

  3. The quote is fine. I personally do not care a rats patuti for either image – nor do i care if some guys or gals choose body building as a hobby or not. I have always been strong – a certain degree of it comes with my size. I freely admit I could have done a better job managing the Xs in front of the L on my frame but oh well.
    shackman recently posted..Hidden Potential

    1. It helps if your GP is also your friend like mine is. He tells me not to worry about my weight as all other parameters like BP, Cholesterol etc are normal, he calls me obese but fit and not to bother but to have fun.

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