What’s In A Name? Post 3.

The phone has not stopped ringing since yesterday. People who had not been in touch with me for long suddenly remembered that there is someone called Ramana that they know who lives in Pune and have been calling me to check if I am alive or not. Quite natural to wonder at my age and also theirs!

This is because a Rock Star like figure, The Chief Justice of India Shri N V Ramana retired and has been in the news since the last few days. Here is an article which will give you some idea. I doubt very much that there could be a news paper anywhere in India which would not have covered this important event.

People reading this remembered that there is another Ramana in their lives and so the sudden burst of phone calls and WhatsApp messages.

One “collateral benefit” of sharing the name with a celebrity.

Has anything like this happened to you dear reader?

6 thoughts on “What’s In A Name? Post 3.”

  1. There’s no famous person with my name as far as I know, so I haven’t had any such collateral benefit. Perhaps I should change my name to Ed Sheeran or Keith Richards.

  2. I’m not linked to any one or thing that is world famous either but it appears that I should be blogging at least twice a week, as I was missed. Right down to a comment that they were worried that something had befell me… And it’s true I didn’t post much on IG either this last week, as all I’ve been basically doing it sorting up “art materials” and will be for the foreseeable future …
    Catherine recently posted..It might still be Friday in the Northern hemisphere

  3. Interesting the death of a well-known person with whom you share the same name prompted friends to think of contacting you. I’ve never had that experience and don’t anticipate I will in the future.

    1. It was not my namesake’s death Joared but, his retirement from his post. My friends, almost all who called, are close to my age and we keep hearing news of some contemporary’s death of the other frequently due to our age. These well-wishers just wanted to assure themselves that I was alive as I had not been in touch with them.

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