What’s The Fuss All About?

What the fuss was all about in my case was maintaining my long hair and beard  as,  my  regular  hair  cutting  saloon  was  closed  due  to  the  lockdown.   

The next big fuss was about getting assurance that I could visit the saloon and be safe now that, they had reopened.   So, I pestered my son and heir to go, inspect, ensure and report back about the hygiene at the salon and the precautions that they take to prevent spreading of the virus.

The next big fuss was to get ready mentally to take the risk despite the assurances received.  The discomfort of the long hair and beard finally persuaded me to take the leap of faith and go.

The next big fuss was all from the lads at the saloon.  They were delighted to see me after such a long time and ooed and  aaed about my hirsute splendour and tried to persuade me to shape both rather than revert to my earlier version of short crop for both.  Finally, with much reluctance, my choice prevailed and you can see the result below.

Lest my readers think that the fuss that I experienced was so great, here is what Stevie Wonder has to say about it.

If I’m caught at a dance party without my dancing shoes
And everybody dances on my bare feet
Shame on me
If I’m minding my business just doing the right thing
And you try to front me off in the street
Shame on you
If a family’s waiting for that special blessing to
Come their way
But they ain’t trying to get on their knees and pray
Shame on them
And if we live in a time where every nation’s fighting
Around the world
Yet we can’t all agree that peace is the way
Shame on us
Shame on me, shame on you, shame on them, shame on us
Shame on me, shame on you, shame on them, shame on us
So what the fuss
If I gotta get up early in the morning for a job
And I forget to set the stupid alarm
Shame on me
If my children are playing outside like little children do

This is my take on this week’s Friday 8 On 1 blog post topic. The other seven bloggers who write on the same topic every Friday are Maria. Sanjana, PadmumRaju, Shackman , Srinivas and Conrad.  This week’s topic was suggested by Maria. Please do go over to their respective blogs to see what they have to say on the topic. Thank you.

28 thoughts on “What’s The Fuss All About?”

  1. I always cut my own hair before my stroke but it is very hard one-handed – especially when the hand that works now is my left hand (not my lifetime dominant hand). The Covid created difficulties for me. I resorted to having my husband clip at it, letting my daughter essentially shave it pretty close to the scalp, and last I got creative. The last time I used hair gel to make my hair a stand out all over my head. Then I turned the scissors over to create left-handed scissors and chopped away. I don’t look nearly as good as you.
    Mother recently posted..This isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon!

    1. I have now decided to keep trimming my beard like I used to before the Covid but go regularly to my barber for a trim on top. I like your spirit of trying to manage your appearance with one hand. All the best.

  2. I’ve been cutting my and Raju’s hair since lockdown…doing s good job of it…it may not be neat and tidy for the first few days…then it grows out again…..I can see you now ..not hidden behind beards etc…as the media says…it’s all about the optics!

  3. My father used to say, “I supposed that’s a little more of your business.” If we took care of our own fuss and left others to sort their own, it would no doubt be a world of much greater peace and harmony. I like your beard and hair both ways. Same man, same heart, same spirit underneath!
    Conrad recently posted..What’s the Fuss All About?

  4. you look younger. I know people say that. but you DO!
    love it Sean. and love that Ranjan made sure your were safe.

  5. There’s a local woman comes in to colour my hair and do the threading. I usually go to the salon for a trim. I know exactly the cut I need, so I searched for it on YouTube and watched video after video again and again. Then I cut my hair. I keep it simple. Layering on front and straight at the back. That beautician came and asked if I’d call her back again for the colouring and threading. But she was very lazy when it came to applying both mask and sanitizer. I wasn’t at all impressed. paid her ₹500, which is twice her usual fee, but I’m never calling her back again. I shall now invade the YouTube search engine and learn to touch up my own roots. The hair colour I use is imported from Europe and hideously expensive so I shall use it for two root touch-ups instead of wasting the whole hair colour every time. My son Manan is terrified to visit the barber’s My husband had no problem going. So now, operation Manan Hair Cut is going on. Yes, Ramana, you look as handsome as ever. Why wouldn’t you?

  6. this is NOT taking my comments!
    and I wanted you to know how great you look.
    if this is seen by you… please know Sean…
    I love this picture of you! you look even younger!
    now I’m going to hit ‘Post Comment’ again.
    this is the second comment lost. the other one was on another post!
    I thought the mistake was mine so didn’t mention it.
    I wonder what’s going on? or well… I may be truly losing it! LOLOL.

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