When I Was Young.

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No, my father did nod advise me to be a bachelor boy when I was young. In fact, I cannot remember him ever having given me any sensible advise. There were however a number of others who did give me this advise, but man proposes and God disposes and at the ripe young age of 25, I got married.


Then I grew up. In double quick time. Yes marriage did that to me.

So, I was really young for only 25 years. And you don’t really want to know about those days.

I became a bachelor again at the age of 66. I couldn’t very well go back to being young and listening to advise from a father again you would have thought. Exactly the opposite happened. By that time my father had moved in with me and after what he thought was a decent interval, approached my son to advertise online for a wife for me. He did not like the idea of my being a bachelor boy!

The conversation went something like this after the request was made.

Grand Son: Dad is quite capable of finding a wife if he wants one. He does not need me to do anything on the internet. If however, you want, I will advertise for a wife for you.

Grand Father: I am 92 years old, who will marry me?

GS: Don’t worry, it is all in the advertisement that we create,

GF: ?

GS: Wanted bride for 92 year old multi-billionaire.

GF: I am not a multi-billionaire.

GS: You need not tell them that.

GF: Then they will be interested only in my money.

GS: Exactly.

Interest in matrimony for the intermediate young man dwindled away.

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