When Will They Ever Learn – II

My previous post “When Will They Ever Learn” got two interesting comments from Le Loup and Beardseye. I urge my readers to please revisit the blog and read their comments and my response to them.

Subsequent to that post in which I had mentioned US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s warning to Pakistan, she has gone on live television in an interview “60 Minutes” where the nuance is different than what I had originally thought.

I believe that what the good lady has conveyed to Pakistan is to stop messing with the USA, but to do whatever they wish to do with India, UK, Europe etc. Otherwise the interview does not make any sense.

Pakistan’s tentacles reach deep into Islamist Terrorism. I do not know the full details but am willing to bet that the latest terrorist from Britain, yes Beardseye, from Britain, to confess to his crime of terrorism, Ishaq Kanmi is of Pakistani origin.

The British press and though not much from the USA, others have been politically correct and have identified him as a British national without adding the usual label “of ….. origin”. I am further willing to bet that he has many associates in Britain of similar background and even contacts with these elements in Pakistan. What price political correctness?

Why reinvent the wheel? Please read this column by Farid Zakaria, The Editor of Newsweek International.

Yes Beardeye, if the tap is turned off the Pakistani government would completely lose control and the country could/would be taken over by extremist organisations? India will tackle that problem, not to worry.

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