When Will They Ever Learn?

I give my readers two links today to express my frustration.

The first is from the Washington Post – North Waziristan: Terrorism’s new hub?

The second is from the BBC News – Clinton warns Pakistan of ‘consequences’ over extremism

As my readers know, I am a hawk as far as Pakistan is concerned. I am totally against our leaders talking to the Pakistani establishment till they hand over to us the terrorists responsible for acts of terror on Indian soil, kept under their protection in Pakistan.

Time and again, many of us have tried to put across our view that Pakistan exists for the sole purpose of its elite stashing away money in foreign banks and uses the dole and military hardware given as aid to them for serving that purpose using India as the punching bag and Kashmir and islam as the excuse. Let the ordinary Pakistani, like his counterpart in India go to hell and be killed or maimed by terrorists and suicide bombers drugged out of their skulls, supported and trained by the Pakistani establishment.

Time and again Pakistan has played the west for suckers and continues to do so as I write this.

When will the west ever learn? Had the Times Square bomb gone off, perhaps? Or should it wait till something bigger in scale, perhaps bigger than even 9/11 take place, to turn the tap off?

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