Where Should I Live?

As I occasionally do when I have some free time, I took a quiz on what kind of a place I should live in, and this is the result that I got.  Please click on the image to get a larger resolution.

Amazing that the quiz found exactly the kind of place and life style that I am already living in including a dog and two kids! It is not quite the same kind of cottage as in the picture but, our home does have a garden with mock picket fencing and is in the suburbs of a large city.

Perhaps you should try your hand at it too!

15 thoughts on “Where Should I Live?”

  1. That’s actually the same quiz, so I’ll stick with the old Victorian house! That’s pretty close to what we have anyway, which is a large detached house built in 1949.

  2. well at this point in time or particular day . . . the answer I got was a cabin in the woods! which truly is a paradox. I love woods. especially pine forests. but I abhor the thought of snakes and spiders and critters like that… IN the woods!
    so really… a brownstone in NY would be just as welcome to me! if I didn’t have to be with tons of people. 😀
    that’s been a problem all my life. one day I’m one thing and the next day something else. very discombobulating! (always wanted to use that word.)

  3. I commented but it’s not showing. I took the quiz and it told me I should live in a cabin in the woods. the one they showed was quite remote!
    if I took the quiz tomorrow it might give me a totally different answer. I realize I’m a paradox. I do love the woods. especially pine forests.
    but snakes and spiders and other critters who live there… I do not. so I think I might be quite happy in a brownstone in a fascinating city too!
    interesting quiz. 🙂

  4. THAT’s IT. No more quizzes for me. They have the nerve to put me into an APPARTMENT. I ask you, Ramana: An appartment (probably on the top floor) for someone who loves, with a big L, gardening? For someone who loves SPACE?

    The other day, can’t remember now whether it was one of your quizzes, I realized they pigeon hole you (regardless of the other answers) according to who you’d like as your leading man. So if, say, you go for Humphrey Bogart you are a Lauren Bacall; if (though, not least facially, he reminds me too much of my father) you take your chances with Richard Burton you are a Liz Taylor (or my mother?). Que? Come again?


    1. Leaving aside my assertion five minutes ago that I’ve had it with quizzes quizzing me on my personality, I retook the “test”. Most answers the same as before with one or two minor adjustments where, before, I wasn’t too sure which one to go for. Guess what, my dear Ramana: Now my ideal abode is a CASTLE! Complete with grounds.


      PS Since it’s early in the morning and I am in the mood I shall now take another test and find out what sheep, yes, SHEEP, I am.

    2. You are asking the wrong person Ursula. I have the best of both worlds. I live in a Housing Society with all its advantages of security, yet in a ground floor flat with a patch of garden out in the front. Lucky me! Having lived like that for near three decades now, I will find it extremely difficult to live in a flat on a higher floor sans a garden.

      Interesting that you think that choosing the idol pigeon holes us! Could be but, it is still fun to answer these quizzes.

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