Why Do You Do What You Do?

The topic for today’s Friday LBC post has been suggested by Pravin whose take on the subject can be seen here. You can also see the other LBC blogger Shackman’s take here.

The answer to that question in all honesty is, I don’t know. I just do.

Having given that rather simple answer let me entertain Pravin to show him that I did not come up with that answer due to laziness.

Why don’t you do what you do
When you did what you did to me
Love was so good, that it fills up all my needs
I was crazy for you, you were crazy for me
How could something so right, go so wrong
My love, sweet love
Why don’t you say what you say
When you say what you said anymore
Your eyes couldn’t lie, so long goodbye, close the door
I was crazy for you, you were crazy for me
How could something so right go so wrong
Tell me something I didn’t do
Why did someone else put you through
Did they steal you away like a thief in the night
Love like this, must take flight
Why don’t they play what they played
On the nights you danced with me
Remember the one we made love to endlessly
I was crazy for you, you were crazy for me
How could something so right go so wrong?

13 thoughts on “Why Do You Do What You Do?”

  1. Normally the question “What do you do” refers to our profession/how you earn your living. This is in contrast to “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”, anguished cry from yours truly. The person this was addressed to turned round, slapped me so hard that my glasses flew off my nose. That in itself wouldn’t have been so bad – except that neither the culprit nor one bystander helped me find them. Which I thought pretty cruel. Never mind.

    The “why” in Pravin’s question is the tricky bit. Obviously, we do what we do mostly out of necessity. And, unless we have a particular gift or a calling, most of us – I dare say – fall into any old way of earning money. Even those who have diligently decided on a course and studied one particular subject may find themselves with a job description not even invented when they graduated.

    If I have misinterpreted today’s subject I stand by to be slapped – this moment I am wearing contact lenses. Damage limitation.

    Ursula recently posted..Munch’s Scream

    1. No, you have not misinterpreted the LBC subject and the second half of your comments answer Pravin adequately. Pravin is looking for metaphysical answers to simple mortal questions of motivation methinks.

  2. Motivation. An interesting concept. I suspect he was looking at why vs what motivation as a discussion point but of course I could be wrong.There is a new agey kinda guru named Simon Sinek that uses the exact question posed in a book and Ted Talk.

  3. Simple question, simple answer. To be happy.

    As I’ve said before, the secret of happiness is to ask yourself every day,
    What’s good about my life?
    What needs to be done?
    How can I get this done and enjoy the process?

    It works for me.
    Cheerful Monk recently posted..Heartwarming Story

  4. love your taste in music sean.
    as to why do you do what you do?
    i’m afraid i never gave that too much thought. or actually… not even enough.
    i never felt i had a great passion.
    had i not met the love of my life so early… i might have tried to become an actor.
    i love live theatre. i was in every class play that was presented. i had the bug.
    didn’t have the time nor foresight to pursue it. met bob. loved and lived and was deliriously happy for almost 17 years. you know the story.
    not a bad story really. just over too soon. it became necessary to simply make a living.
    now i find i’m just as happy living each day as it comes. no plans. no great passion.
    just content. and i’m never bored! perhaps that’s a good thing right there.
    tammy j recently posted..man bun inny wun?

  5. “Because I can…”

    My motivation can really change, almost as soon as I thought of doing something “one way”.

    Currently, my new art-making room turns out to be a tad too small for what I might do…and today I was at a workshop to do with art residencies that you can either pay for your win an stipend for & more.

    One of the speakers talked about what you get to work in – sometimes it’s nothing like you think a studio might be AND you have to adapt it to work. So I have come up with the idea, that I have arrived somewhere and IT’S full of stuff – none of which I was expecting AND I decide to try and work with it all…

    I am planning on keeping records … as I had another brainwave, but that is under wraps đŸ™‚

    1. Motivation, particularly of the self variety is an overrated phenomenon in my opinion. At the end of the day, we do things to either become happy or avoid becoming unhappy. No more no less.

  6. Why do I do what I do? Hundreds of reasons, how many would you like? Daily chores and work are explained fairly easily. They can hardly be avoided. More to the point, why do I do unusual things like visit Australia or write a blog? The simple answer – because I felt like it. Or because other people made them sound like fun. There are more complex answers, but I’d have to unravel them.
    nick recently posted..The wrong voice

  7. I do what I do in order to feel a sense of purpose. I think I am happiest when I’ve accomplished something meaningful. Simply put, I do things in order to feel happy!

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