Why I Blog?

Mitch at I’m Just Sharing has reposted a 2014 blog post which took me back to TGOD. I reproduce below exchange of my comments and Mitch’s response.

Me: “So, which of the three categories will my blog fit in? Since I have not given serious thought as to why I write, that will help me decide.”

Mitch: “Actually Rummuser, you condescend to yourself but inside I think you know why you write. You write to get things off your chest; you write to share your life and thoughts with others; and you write for the kinship you get from folks like your Friday tagalong group (okay, I never remember off the cuff what y’all call yourselves lol). You have a unique storytelling style that seems to get people talking; you get way more comments per post than I do. And of course early on you told people this: “Tension nahin lenekka!” You did this during a tense part of your life, which you shared as well. As I say, I think you knew all this; I think it’s a cultural thing that you’re fairly self deprecating when you have no need to be. 🙂”

Me: “Wow! Mitch, that is a mouthful to get off your chest! Thanks. You have just made this wet rainy day over here feel like a million Rupees.”

Which led me to study my blog and I have come up with some interesting statistics.

The first post I wrote in this format was on the 8th of June, 2008.
I have written 3327 posts including this one since then.
There have been a total of 28082 comments and responses from me.

Wow! I am unashamedly impressed with my performance!  Do you think that I am being immodest?

17 thoughts on “Why I Blog?”

  1. From my perspective, not even close! You’re detailing the facts, facts that put you in a good light. It’s not like you’re proclaiming you’re someone’s god’s gift to the universe. It’s something nice to look back on if you’re ever in a mood wondering why you do what you do. That’s why I keep creating all the stuff I do; when I’m feeling insufficient, I check out something I wrote or did a video on some years ago and tell myself “I wrote this” and move forward from there.
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  2. Interesting Ramana, I just pour out whatever’s in my mind. I hold very little back and only then to avoid breaching privacy issues of others who might recognize themselves.
    I forget when I started blogging I must check.
    Grateful to have been a blogmate of yours since you began.


  3. I love learning about the culture and folkways of India!
    you make it fun and interesting.
    and Padmini’s comment makes me laugh! it’s so Sister-Like!

  4. Amazing stats you should be proud of yourself and as they say “if you’ve got it flaunt it”! So yes definitely immodest but you have every right to be 🙂 wish you many more years of blogging !

  5. Immodest? nobody can argue with facts!
    I believe you are self effacing though and thats one reason I like you. I can’t stand it when people have to show off their every achievement.
    I think you blog because you like conversation and a blog is another way to one

  6. i love learning about people and their lives wherever they are and what they have or are doing at any given time. Some of us older generation remind me that our “lives” have similar overtones regarding the past, e.g. when you had the touch phone post recently.

    Actually last night with my new family we were talking about the advances in technology – because you see when B.R. was a teenager, he would stay with his Grand-dad, (my brother) and he would insist that he and his sister needed to know how a computer was created. Apparently B.R. still likes to put that knowledge to use now.

    And my niece said what about “party lines with our one home phone” and that got us started remembering those days when we were teens. And as we talked about that their 5 year old daughter was using an app on her tablet!
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