Winter Rains.

As usual, I went to sleep for my daily siesta after lunch and woke up to find incessant rain and petrichor.

I remembered an article in our local newspaper about the winter rains and also how my son left his motorcycle in his friend’s place yesterday and took an autorickshaw back home as it was raining heavily.

I caught up with my email and blog comments and finally opened Facebook and came across this image posted by my sister there!

Anything unusual about the weather where you live?

8 thoughts on “Winter Rains.”

  1. My dear Ramana, you have added to my vocabulary: Petrichor. I had no idea that wonderful smell had a name. The plants on your patio look lush.

    Weather at the South Coast of England? Nothing unusual. Cold of the crisp and dry variety. It’s nice. To me almost any weather in absence of WIND, nay, gusts – the sneaky bastards, I don’t mind.

    You had me confused this morning (no Consortium post). I thought it was Friday. Then I thought maybe not. The other day I found myself asking a complete stranger what day of the week it was. As it turned out I was ahead of myself. Makes for an interesting start to a conversation. Neither do I wear a watch; think the potential for even more accosting complete strangers! Mind you since everyone appears to be plugged into sound it’s a bit of an undertaking. As not to disturb I have now taken to looking at the digital display on parking meters as I pass them. They don’t give me a startled look.

    There you go, a bit like your rain, prattling on,

  2. Cold and rainy… almost cold enough for snow. That’s today. The rest of the week, cold with varying amounts of clouds, dropping several degrees below freezing at night. Normal January weather for Arkansas USA. We are ready for SPRING!
    Mike recently posted..Bent’s Fort

  3. The weather is worrisome on all fronts of which I will write later when I can formulate my thoughts into a (fairly) coherent unmess.

    Your cartoon is totally apropos. As is your weather.


  4. I delight in that scent of a fresh rain but never attached that word to it. Will I remember the word now? As I write this we’re being exposed to what truly is summer weather — 70’s to 80’s+ F. Expecting this weather will continue and if we’re lucky, we might get some rain toward the end of the month.

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