Winter Visitor II

Is it a coincidence? Sernedipity? These kind of strange things keep happening all the time in my life. I was just finishing responding to comments on my Friday LBC post on ‘Visitor’ and I get information that Jay is back in town and was coming over to spend the week end with us at home.

My readers will remember Jay about who I had blogged last February in my post ‘A Fresh Breeze From The USA’ That very same fresh breeze has trooped in looking fresher and brighter. All the spiritual work seems to be having a great effect on him. I shall try and take a photograph this time around too and post it later, but for the moment, you can see and hear Jay on YouTube.

Jay ran off to a couple of towns of pilgrimage early this morning and typically left behind his meditation shawl and shower gel behind. I have now custody of those two essentials of his and expect him to land up back again on either Tuesday or Wednesday morning to retrieve them, when I shall take his photograph.

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