Pune where I live is experiencing cold wave conditions and my home being on the ground level and surrounded by trees hardly gets any sunlight. As a result it can be 2 to 4 degrees colder than outside.

As it happens so often in my life, synchronicity struck and I came across this image in WhatsApp sent by a friend who knows how much I love to read.

My daughter in love could not resist the temptation to take this photograph while I was deeply into a a very interesting book.

8 thoughts on “Winter.”

  1. Looks warm and cozy!

    Winter is here, for sure. Our heat will be on for much of the next several days. The low tomorrow is expected to be about -6°C with a high of 9.2°C. No snow though, just cold rain today before the cold front hits.

    Stay warm, safe, and healthy!
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  2. Since he got there first I’ll riff on Mike’s use of “cozy” and make it “comfy”.

    One thought just occurred to me regarding your beloved “synchronicity”: It’s in the mind, my dear Ramana. By way of two examples: When the biological urge overcame me the world was full of babies and prams. They were everywhere. When I thought I was going blind all I saw (!) when going out were guide dogs for the blind and people with white sticks feeling their way around.

    As it happened I became the deliriously happy mother of the bounciest of all babies, pushing him in his own majestic pram; and no, I didn’t go blind. In fact, ain’t I lucky, I do now have 20/20 vision (without contact lenses/glasses).

    Today being 24th December, Christmas Eve, the most important of the motherland’s cultural/religious calendar, and a tradition baked to my heart, I send you heartfelt greetings scented with the smell of a most magnificent pine tree in the lounge. The Angel will decorate it this afternoon.

    Affectionately, season’s greetings,

  3. Summer!

    Yes it’s summer in NZ – but today although the sun is appearing is quite cold – for today of all days the 25th. Other than getting out the freezer “Nana’s apple pie” created in Victoria, Australia – still undecided which readymade roast meat I’m going to get – which doesn’t need be thawed. Still considering if I will wander away from the “ranch” – it won’t be as joyful with many overseas tourists as the borders are still closed but it might be nice to be reminded in the future of the Christmas when no cruise ships or similar were docked at the wharves…

    Happy holidays everyone wherever thee may roam…
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