27 thoughts on “Wisdom By Hindsight!”

  1. i ADORE “donkey!”
    even though i love elephants.
    but if you ever saw any of the shrek movies… especially the first one…
    and HEARD that darling donkey speak … you’d know why so many likes were given to you.
    he was very wise too. a pain in the ass. (you should pardon the expression. but that’s what he was. literally and figuratively… to shrek)
    but you are no such thing. you are the wise donkey. not an ass.
    that’s why the rear view of the elephant does not your gravatar make!

    tammy j recently posted..dear diary

  2. Okay, when I read this I had to check Monk’s response… I thought she was calling you an a**? Not really her style. I like them both. The hindsight is clever, and I like the subtlety. The donkey is cute and a bit cheeky which might be appropriate, but too blatant? Your wit is often clever in the understatement, and I feel the elephant reflects this. To be clear, I am not casting my political views on this discussion. Maybe consider Dun-Na-Sead’s suggestion. Perhaps one of the monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil…).

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