Woolwich Again II.

I live in a country which has the world’s second largest Muslim population. I have lost friends to acts of terrorism on our soil. I have soldier friends who till today bear wounds acquired fighting an enemy sworn on Allah’s name to bleed us with a million cuts besides having fought wars with us. That country harbours known enemies of my land and regularly sends terrorists from sanctuaries there into our land to carry out acts of terror. I am naturally concerned about what is happening to the religion which has driven some of its adherents to violence and to killing innocent people in the name of Allah.

There is one young member of my family who thinks that I am nuts. He has got some muslim friends who reacted to Woolwich with tweets saying things to the effect that islam is a religion of peace. In fact, it was that information from him to me that led me to blog on Woolwich.

My posts that followed on Woolwich and Woolwich Again have generated some email traffic for me and two of them directed me to two different messages.

The first one is from a friend who asked me what I made out of the interview in the BBC shown here.

The other mail led me to this article in the Wall Street Journal.

Are we beginning to see a tipping point?

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