Woolwich has become famous.

Two British born converts to Islam have become famous.

Imams and other Muslim leaders in Britain and other places have condemned the brutal murder of a random choice who just happened to be a soldier in civvies.

Lee Rigby

Most news coverage did not even mention the name of the victim Lee Rigby till much later. The focus was on containing the possible backlash with coverage on how Muslims were condemning the attack and how Islam is a religion of peace.

If the Muslims who kept hammering on how Islam is a religion of peace really want to convey that message and believe it from deep within their hearts, they must listen to some sane voices from among them instead of being afraid. Do what the Bangladeshi Muslims are doing. They are taking on the Islamists.

Here is one such message. Please read it fully.

The same writer visited India just a month ago and here is an interview in the Times Of India with him which too deserves a full read,

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  1. i followed the links. thank you rummy! tarek fatah seems to be a very wise man.
    except i do not believe pakistan will ever admit it’s wrong. as he says it should. he must know that. i don’t know of any single country that would. that is just the way of it. countries are made of male egos.

    i’m tired. the blood. the vengeance. the slaughter. the rape. the blind stupid anger. it goes on and on and on. we annihilate each other with machetes and butcher knives and bombs and drones.
    do not stand there and tell me you kill in the name of god or allah or whatever your god’s name is. i do not believe you know that god if you can do that. if the creative source of all the universes is about anything he is about love. and creativity. not cold blooded murder. and if you have a prophet that tells you in any book ~ whether moses in the bible or mohammed in the quran ~ then i do not believe you. you are just a man who wrote down your own words. the creative source is about life and living. and loving. he gives. and you take away in his name.
    how dare you?
    i want us to get out of every country in which we are not welcome. i want us to quit thinking we have the answers for all of the world. i want us to use our own oil. and if that means MAKING people ration to the last drop. then so be it.
    and i want you ~ if you are an angry killing person who believes it is your right in the name of your religion ~ to murder innocent people ~ on the street or where ever ~ i want YOU to go live in your own land. among your own people. do not come into a land of those who believe in their own source and have their own culture and then kill because they don’t think like you do. they had enough of that in their own long bloody history. they have finally finally finally only recently accepted it in their own lands. take yours to your own land and get out.
    live with your own people. build up your own country instead of destroying and tearing down and murdering in ours.
    you are welcome to worship as you please. but if you kill. just get out.
    i apologize for this rummy. i know it is excessively long. but it came from my heart. and i know it is way too simplified. it’s all too complicated. but the hate is hate. i don’t want it called religion. it’s not.
    i seldom join in in a conversation about all this. maybe for a reason! lol.
    tammyj recently posted..elizabeth

      1. excellent article.
        the roaming thugs who killed the 80 yr old man for espousing tolerant islam. so sad.
        be careful rummy. part of me thinks it is what it is and maybe it’s meant to play itself out in the annals of man’s history. his bloody stupid history.
        tammyj recently posted..elizabeth

  2. Tarek seems to be much more honest than most on this subject. Still, it seems to me that the prescription he suggests has already been tried and failed. We pronounce Jihad publicly for the non-believers to be something about internal moral struggle, while in actuality it is taught to true believers as external violence to spread the faith. Tarek recognizes this, but I don’t see that he offers a different recipe: We are going to re-define Islam as a religion of peace and hope that the students of Islam don’t find out that Mohammed picked up a sword and killed and brought people into submission to his teaching. To redefine Jihad you must first re-invent Mohammed, but this is impossible.

    The western intellectual loves the idea of modifying Islam’s teachings due to his naive belief that all religion is nothing more than the product of man’s imagination, therefore, it can be engineered and improved. And who better to do it than the morally enlightened western intellectual?
    Looney recently posted..Views from the San Francisco De Young Museum Tower

  3. I do object to the description of religious murderers as “radicalised”. There’s nothing politically radical about beheading a soldier. “Brutalised” is a more accurate term.
    Nick recently posted..Revenge is sweet?

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