Woolwich has become famous.

Two British born converts to Islam have become famous.

Imams and other Muslim leaders in Britain and other places have condemned the brutal murder of a random choice who just happened to be a soldier in civvies.

Lee Rigby

Most news coverage did not even mention the name of the victim Lee Rigby till much later. The focus was on containing the possible backlash with coverage on how Muslims were condemning the attack and how Islam is a religion of peace.

If the Muslims who kept hammering on how Islam is a religion of peace really want to convey that message and believe it from deep within their hearts, they must listen to some sane voices from among them instead of being afraid. Do what the Bangladeshi Muslims are doing. They are taking on the Islamists.

Here is one such message. Please read it fully.

The same writer visited India just a month ago and here is an interview in the Times Of India with him which too deserves a full read,

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